2024 Extratorrent Proxy List: Verified Proxy Sites & Mirrors

2024 Extratorrent Proxy List: Verified Proxy Sites & Mirrors

Extratorrent stands out as a choice among the torrent sites available, providing access to the latest movies, series, TV shows, and music releases. It has been around since 2006. Gained popularity for its P2P file-sharing capabilities, particularly for files, movies, and games. With torrent sites facing shutdowns in years, users now need proxies, VPNs, or Tor browsers to access them. In response to this extra torrent, proxy sites have emerged to help users reach the site through methods that ensure continued access to their preferred entertainment. Unlike long-lived torrent sites, Extra Torrent has maintained its prominence by hosting a wide range of magnet links and torrent links for diverse content. Notably, its advanced search functionality has made it stand out as a platform where users can find anything they need simply by entering keywords in the Extra Torrent search box.

Disclaimer: We don’t support piracy, and this information is for educational purposes only.

Accessing Extratorrent Proxy Sites: A Step-by-Step Guide

Using extra torrent proxy sites is a way to gain access, to the web. These proxy sites act as intermediaries, helping users connect to internet services. When you access Extra Torrent through a server, outsiders can only see the connection to the proxy server. I have no idea if data is being transmitted from ExtraTorrent to you.

It’s important to understand the difference between ExtraTorrent servers and mirrors. An extra torrent mirror is a copy of the link. With a different domain name and host code. On the other hand, an Extra Torrent proxy service acts as a portal that not only simplifies connections to the real Extra Torrent but also provides easy access to other websites. This makes it a user-friendly and versatile option for accessing content.

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The Fate of ExtraTorrents: An Overview

The strange disappearance of ExtraTorrents; Investigating the puzzle and looking for alternatives

For those who enjoy downloading torrents, the absence of torrents on the internet has not gone unnoticed. ExtraTorrents, a player in the torrent community, offers a wide range of content, such as movies, TV shows, music, and more. However, in 2017, the sudden and unexpected closure of the website left users confused.

This article dives into the mystery surrounding the disappearance of Extra Torrents examining explanations for its shutdown. Furthermore, we will discuss platforms that offer content to ensure that fans of safe torrenting have viable choices. In our quest to uncover what happened to ExtraTorrents, we will also provide tips on how to stay secure while engaging in torrent downloads. If you are someone who enjoys torrenting adventures, continue reading to unravel the enigma surrounding ExtraTorrents.

How to Unblock Extratorrent Proxy?

Blocking all websites and their associated proxies completely is a feat given the multitude of ways to access blocked torrent sites. In this article about ExtraTorrent, we will discuss three methods to access proxy sites for Extra Torrent in 2024.

1. Top Browser:

The Tor Browser is a tool that guarantees an internet connection. It works as a tab to hide your IP address, giving you a way to visit proxy sites for extra torrents.

2. VPN

A VPN is a network that allows users to send and receive data as if they were directly connected to a network. By using a VPN to connect to Extratorrent, you can ensure that your online activities remain private and hidden from anyone except yourself and the trusted VPN service provider you choose. It is important to invest in a VPN service, as cheaper options may sacrifice bandwidth and download speed.

3. Factual Insight:

It is important to acknowledge the fact that 98% of the data available on P2P networks is protected by copyright. Piracy played a role in fueling the popularity of torrenting, as, during the peak of P2P file sharing, nearly all of the data flowing through these networks consisted of copyrighted content (according to BitTorrent as a source).

By delving into these methods and comprehending the context, users can effectively navigate the challenges associated with accessing proxy sites for extra torrents while giving importance to security and anonymity.

Latest Extratorrent Proxy and Mirror Sites for 2024

A practical solution for accessing torrent websites that have restrictions is to make use of a web proxy server or mirror. Here you’ll find a collection of servers and mirrors for extra torrent proxies.

Extra Torrent stands out as a platform that allows users to access game trailers, TV shows, music, and various apps in APK format. All are available for free. It has gained popularity due to its user interface and numerous sources for downloads. However, because it has been banned in some countries, access is now limited to extra torrent proxies.

Even though the platform has faced bans in countries such as Canada, the UK, and the US due to concerns about copyright infringement, there’s no need for users to be concerned. You can still unblock the Extra Torrent page, providing an alternative to restricted websites.

Extratorrent Proxy Sites January 2024

Access your preferred movies effortlessly with extra torrent proxies like extratorrents.ch and extratorrent2.net. A list of best proxies, including residential, datacenter, and mobile proxies. Compare the features, price, and performance of various proxy services. Reviews and suggestions are based on user feedback and professional judgments.”

ExtraTorrent Proxy/MirrorURLs ListStatus
ExtraTorrent proxy 1https://freeproxy.io/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 2https://sitenable.top/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 3https://extratorrents.ch/
ExtraTorrent proxy 4https://freeanimesonline.com/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 5https://extratorrents-cc.com/
ExtraTorrent proxy 6https://sitenable.ch/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 7https://extratorrent.unbl0ck.online/
ExtraTorrent proxy 9http://extratorrent.com
ExtraTorrent proxy 10https://filesdownloader.com/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 11https://extratorrent.123unblock.info/
ExtraTorrent proxy 12https://extratorrent.unblocked.tw/
ExtraTorrent proxy 13https://extratorrent.mrunlock.win/
ExtraTorrent proxy 14https://extratorrent.mrunlock.date/
ExtraTorrent proxy 15https://siteget.net/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 16https://sitenable.info/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 17https://extratorrent.prox4you.pw/
ExtraTorrent proxy 18https://extratorrent.si/
ExtraTorrent proxy 19https://sitenable.co/extratorrent-proxy/
ExtraTorrent proxy 20https://sitenable.pw/extratorrent-proxy/

Fact: Many countries have chosen to block access to torrent websites due to the difficulty in distinguishing between unauthorized torrent downloads. China, the United States, Australia, South Africa, and Russia are among the nations that have implemented restrictions (source: Wikipedia).

Access Blocked ExtraTorrent for Movies

If you’re having trouble downloading movies from a blocked Extra Torrent there are some steps you can take to overcome these restrictions:

1. One option is to use a network (VPN) that allows you to access Extra Torrent anonymously and bypass any regional blocks.

2. Another approach is to utilize TOR (the Internet Router), which provides security and privacy while browsing. It offers an alternative to browsers.

3. You can also try using proxy servers as intermediaries between your device and the internet. These servers can help you access Extra Torrent despite the restrictions.

4. Additionally, consider exploring mirror sites that have been set up by volunteers or fans of Extra Torrent. These mirror sites serve as replicas of the website. Are created to keep it alive in situations where it may face legal issues or blocks.

By following these steps, you’ll be able to download movies from blocked Extra Torrent sites anonymously.

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Extratorrent Blocked Countries List 2024

Extratorrent websites and proxies are predominantly restricted in the subsequent countries.

  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Russian Federation
  • Turkey
  • United States
  • France
  • Italy

How Does Extratorrent Proxy Work?

In this age of updates, it has become essential for everyone to engage online. Although it is not encouraged to access morally questionable video files and content, the internet offers plenty of opportunities to find content, from trustworthy sources like ExtraTorrent.

However, dealing with the accessibility of content and explicit material on extraterrent proxy sites can be quite challenging, in both situations. The use of web proxies is one of the methods used to tackle this problem.

ExtraTorrent Alternatives: Safe?

In 2017, Extra Torrent decided to shut down, resulting in the removal of all mirror sites and preventing users from accessing their torrent collections. Following the shutdown, several imposter and mirror sites emerged, pretending to be ExtraTorrent, to deceive users. ExtraTorrenthad previously warned against these sites. Users need to seek out secure and verified torrent platforms while avoiding any websites that claim affiliation with Extra Torrent. Engaging in the downloading and sharing of copyrighted content can have consequences, such as fines or even imprisonment, even though torrenting is legal in most countries.

How To Download Torrent Files?

Downloading files online, like movies, TV shows, and software, using torrents is still widely practiced. If you’re unfamiliar with this procedure, the instructions provided in this blog post will help you navigate the process of acquiring torrent files.

Fact: The primary source of traffic on Bittorrent.com is driven by file sharing and hosting activities. According to data from February 2023, 59.26% of the website traffic can be attributed to file sharing and hosting. Additionally, there are contributors such as programming and developer software, which account for 15.43% of the traffic, followed by accommodation and hotels at 7.73% and business training at 5.30%. (Source)

1. Install a Torrent Client: To initiate the torrent file download process, install a torrent client like uTorrent, BitTorrent, or Vuze on your computer. Once installed, ensure proper configuration.

2. Find a Torrent File: Locate a torrent file for download by searching on websites like The Pirate Bay, 1337x, or RARBG. Read comments and ratings to avoid downloading fake or virus-infected files.

3. Download the Torrent File: Click the download button for the chosen torrent file, and your torrent client will automatically open, initiating the download. Monitor the progress of the client.

4. Seed the Torrent File: Consider seeding the downloaded file to allow others to download it from you. This ensures the availability of the file for others and improves overall download speeds.

5. Use a VPN: Prioritize your privacy and legal safety by using a virtual private network (VPN) when downloading torrent files. A VPN encrypts your internet connection and conceals your IP address, making it challenging for others to track your online activities.

By adhering to these steps, you can safely and effectively download torrent files. Always exercise caution and protect your privacy during the process.

Top VPNs for Torrenting on ExtraTorrent

Selecting a VPN for use with an Extra Torrent alternative requires considering key features:

  • P2P-friendly servers
  • Good unblocking capabilities
  • Lightning-fast speeds
  • A strict no-logging policy
  • Anti-malware software

Here are some recommended VPNs for accessing ExtraTorrent alternatives:

1. ExpressVPN:

  • Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth for torrenting
  • Strong encryption and a strict no-logging policy

2. NordVPN:

  • Top-notch security features, including double VPN and Onion over VPN
  • Fast and reliable connections for torrenting

3. CyberGhost:

  • Dedicated servers for torrenting and optimized P2P traffic
  • Strong encryption and a user-friendly interface

4. Surfshark:

  • Unlimited simultaneous connections and a strict no-logging policy
  • Fast speeds and secure torrenting servers

5. Private Internet Access (PIA):

  • Affordable pricing and a large server network optimized for P2P traffic
  • Strong encryption and a no-logging policy

6. IPVanish:

  • Fast speeds and unlimited bandwidth for torrenting
  • Strong encryption and a zero-logging policy

7. PrivateVPN:

  • Dedicated servers for torrenting and P2P traffic
  • Strong encryption and a no-logging policy

8. Trust.Zone:

  • Fast and secure torrenting servers
  • Strong encryption and a zero-logging policy

Discover Top Alternatives to Extratorrent

Extratorrent has gained a group of fans within the torrent community. However, there are times when it’s beneficial to explore options, whether it’s because of access or just to mix things up.

Luckily, there are plenty of platforms in the world of torrenting that provide a range of content to meet your requirements.

Whether you’re looking for movies and TV shows that have software or exciting games, these alternatives guarantee a torrenting journey.

Here are six standout options to consider:

1. The Pirate Bay: This established torrenting platform offers a range of content and has built a strong reputation since its launch in 2003. With options to filter torrents by format and quality as safety features, it continues to be a reliable option.

2. 1337x: Known for its easy-to-use layout and wide range of media offerings 1337x appeals to a variety of preferences by offering a selection of torrents covering movies, games, and software. The engaged community plays a role in verifying the credibility of torrents on the platform.

3. YTS: YTS, also known as YIFY, specializes in movies. Provides a variety of films in quality ranging from regular to 4K resolution. The platform features a user-friendly interface to Netflix, complete, with trailers and summaries, which enhances the overall movie-watching experience.

4. Limetorrents: Limetorrents boasts a collection of, over 10 million torrents, making it a trusted platform for software, music, games and other content. New users are drawn to its user interface and the rigorous verification process for uploaders.

5. EZTV: Designed for TV enthusiasts EZTV reliably offers shows. Allows simple sorting based on factors such, as quality and premiere date. Its strong community and additional features enrich the users’ viewing experience.

6. Torlock: Torlock places a value, on user safety by encouraging users to report torrents or malware. Their wide range of content includes e-books, music, games, and software, along with plenty of seeders and leechers, for download.


Using a proxy for ExtraTorrent guarantees unrestricted access to the platform. These proxies act as intermediaries, ensuring a connection to Extra Torrent. By following these recommended proxies, users can confidently unblock Extra Torrent. Enjoy access to their desired content.


What are extratorrent proxy?

Extratorrents proxies are alternate websites that mirror the original Extratorrents site, allowing users to access similar content. These proxies can be used when the main site is inaccessible or blocked.

What does “CC” stand for in Extratorrents cc?

Extratorrents cc stands for Country Code. It was used in the domain name to indicate that it was related to the original Extratorrents site.

How can I access the Extratorrent CC proxy?

To access the Extratorrent CC proxy, you can use one of the many proxy websites available online. These proxies act as intermediaries, allowing you to bypass restrictions and access the content.

How can I unblock Extratorrents?

You can unblock Extratorrents by using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or by accessing it through proxy websites. Both methods help circumvent geographical restrictions or network blocks imposed by ISPs (Internet Service Providers) or authorities.

Why is Extratorrents CC blocked, and how can I unblock it?

Extratorrents CC might be blocked by ISPs or government agencies due to copyright infringement issues. To unblock it, you can try using a VPN or accessing it through proxy websites.

Are there any working Extratorrents.cc proxy 2022?

While specific proxies may come and go, there are usually several working Extratorrents.cc proxy 2022. Users can search online for updated proxy lists or utilize VPN services to access the site securely and anonymously.

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