Elevator shoes – are you self-conscious about your height?

Elevator shoes – are you self-conscious about your height?

Elevator shoes provide the opportunity to gain that extra bit of height that you may feel you are lacking. The benefits of elevator shoes do not stop there though. There is a wide range of benefits of elevator shoes that you may not be aware of. For these reasons, they are becoming a popular footwear choice among consumers.

What Are Elevator Shoes?

Elevator shoes are a type of footwear that provides additional height boost with the purpose of making the wearer look taller. Just as the name implies, elevator shoes have shoe lifts that give the wearer an elevated look, providing them with increased height to their stature. Shoe lifts are thickened sections of the insoles, under the heel. To observers, elevator shoes look like any other normal shoe, as the heel on the outside is a normal height. The shoe lifts are inside the shoe, keeping them undetectable to others. These discrete heels have soles and lifts that are made from a variety of materials such as rubber, wood, or plastic. There have been some recent innovations that allow a detachable shoe pad to be used as a lift. This would give the wearer the option of wearing their shoe at either their normal height or attaching the pad to elevate themselves.

Increased Height

The most obvious benefit of guidomaggi elevator shoes is that they will increase the wearer’s height. The desire for increased height is often one of the main reasons that women wear high heels, and it is the same for men with elevator shoes. Elevator shoes have the potential to give the wearer an additional 4-5 inches of height. This is done inconspicuously and tastefully, ensuring that no one will be to tell that you are wearing elevator shoes. That is an impressive feat.

Added Comfort

Gone are the days, where comfort had to be sacrificed to gain some height. Elevator shoes have come a long way and are now designed with the wearer’s comfort in mind.  Unlike high heels, they provide the wearer with a height gain while being comfortable.  They do this by generally being designed with padded and cushioned inserts in them.  This reduces the impact on your feet as you go about your day.  Everyday things like walking to work, standing for a long period of time, and even grocery shopping are all made a bit more comfortable with the cushioning found in elevator shoes.  There are even elevator shoes designed to be worn when dancing or hiking!

As with anything new, the first few times elevator shoes are worn, they may feel a bit different. This is only because you are not yet used to them. Take some time to wear them around the house and break them in.  In no time at all, they will be your most reached-for shoes.

On Trend Styles

Elevator shoes are becoming increasingly popular, with a wide variety to choose from.  They are stylish and keep up with the latest trends. The variety and style available allow wearers a wide range of opportunities to elevate their height. Elevator shoes can be worn for almost any occasion. There is a style of elevator shoe to suit everyone’s needs, including:

If you want to shop for latest shoes check your local stores or online.

  • Formal: Dress shoes that are designed to be worn with a suit whether for the office or any other special occasion
  • Casual: Loafers or slips-on that are designed for everyday wear.
  • Sports: Running shoes that are designed to be worn during various physical activities, like running, hiking, or working out at the gym.
  • Boots: Boots that are designed in a variety of styles, from combat to ankle to lace up.
  • Sandals: Sandals that are designed to be worn on a hot day and even to the beach.

Improved Posture

An added benefit of elevator shoes is that they improve the wearer’s posture. People today; spend a lot of time hunched over their desk or phone. Elevator shoes can help wearers to get rid of their hunched over back, that they have been struggling with. The unique design of elevator shoes protects both the knees and back of the wearer. Your posture will be more aligned when wearing elevator shoes, as they allow you to better square your shoulders and walk straighter. Improved posture can lead to reduced back and neck pain and sometimes even headaches.

As you continually straighten your back and neck, the muscles in these areas will become stronger, providing you long-term health benefits.  Additional benefits that come along with improved posture are that you appear slimmer and taller. You also project more confidence to others when you stand up straight.

Increased Confidence

Most people, both men, and women choose to wear guidomaggi height-increasing shoes to complement the look of their outfit and increase its style.  It is no secret that if you look good, you feel good about yourself and that is reflected in your level of confidence. If you have ever put on a new suit and thought to yourself “Wow!  I look good” and felt a renewed sense of confidence, you can understand this.  The same goes with putting on a pair of elevator shoes and instantly having that height lift. The height issues you may have struggled with and insecurities you hold will be eliminated. Your increased confidence will be projected to others and create an all-around positive effect.

Correct Leg Imbalances

It is quite common for individuals to have leg asymmetry.  This is where one leg is longer than the other and it has the potential to cause long-term effects such as back pain, poor posture, an unbalanced gait, and in serious cases, scoliosis. Elevator shoes can help to correct this imbalance.  Often, they can be customized for different heights providing a simple solution for wearers to correct their imbalances.  They offer a fast, painless, and affordable way to even out the length differences of their legs.

The benefits of elevator shoes are extensive and reach far beyond just increasing one’s height. Elevator shoes are a mainstream fashion option that can help to increase the quality of your life.

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