Why to Include Content Marketing in eCommerce: 5 Strong Reasons

Why to Include Content Marketing in eCommerce: 5 Strong Reasons

Over the years, integrating graphics with impactful content has been the most effective plan of action. Around 74% of brands have said that their content with visuals has been immensely advantageous.

Today, especially after the pandemic, when most things have shifted online, e-commerce has gained a massive boost. If you are one of them, you should already know that content is the king of a high-ROI-generating marketing plan.

If not, here are five strong reasons why content marketing and SEO copywriting are absolutely necessary for an eCommerce SEO!

  1. A Perfect Fit to Educate Customers

To make your customers know what you do, the features and benefits of your products or service, etc., you need to have content as your go-to policy.

So, publishing explanatory and aiding content for your product or service is a lot easier to make your customers click the “Buy Now” icon always. Various kinds of content that you could try out on your profile is:

  • E-books
  • Instructional Videos
  • Memes
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • White Papers, etc.

Therefore, text-based contents are good but it’s easier for customers if things are portrayed through infographics. Tools like Canva, Photoshop, Figma, etc. will help you out.

  1. Give Your Brand Recognition

The more effort you invest in content creation, the more recognition your brand gets. Content gives you the opportunity to resonate with your audience and if you do that well, you don’t need anything else. Your brand game plan needs to be exceptionally eye-catchy i.e., be highly visible, to finally register in the minds of customers.

Further, good and positive customer experiences will make them into your Brand Advocates. They will talk about your brand in social circles, public platforms giving you “authentic” publicity.

  1. Gain a Better Rank on Search Engines

Ever wondered how Google ranks websites on their first page? Right SEO strategies with effective copywriting are your answer!

Google uses certain complex algorithms to give maximum satisfaction to user intent. This algorithm takes into consideration thousands of factors to make this possible.

All in all, Google shows the most useful and relevant pages to the users. Thus, using quality content with the help of a good SEO keyword analysis, helps you rank amongst the top pages of Google. This will, in turn, bring a lot of online traffic leading to greater sales.

  1. Boosts Conversions and Revenue

With reference from the Aberdeen Group, good content can definitely boost conversions. It is said that the conversions are six times more of companies that use content marketing than those brands that don’t.

Hence content connects with your target audience, assists you in generating more traffic and also boosts conversion rates. So, this directly leads to more sales and in turn, increases their revenue.

  1. Build Strategic Relationships

Content marketing allows you to create and stimulate relationships with the target market. An effective content marketing calendar that allows you to schedule content consistently, is sure to even develop trust amidst the audience.

Also, if your content reflects authority, it will help build productive relations with influencers in your industry also. With this, you will also notice a sharp rise in newsletter sign-ups or sales of your e-commerce store and also, traffic over your pages.

Now the real question is, which industry experts you should build relations with? To find the right answer, you must check out their website and do thorough research. You can also use the tool Similarweb to do this. The idea behind this is that you must look for people that have a decent amount of traffic in your industry. So, while building relationships, you cannot afford to walk blindly. You need to have strategies built right beforehand.

Over to you…

Irrespective of the industry or the size of your e-commerce store, the moment you start investing and implementing content marketing in your strategies, you’ll see an improvement in your brand recognition and sales.

I hope this information was a useful guide for you. Now it’s time to get to work – create your content marketing strategy and keep revisiting it at regular intervals. Besides, always be prepared to reevaluate and refine content marketing strategies while your campaigns are in process. Draw your audience’s trust and your content policies will pay dividends. Good luck!

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