5 Benefits of Using Digital Fax Instead of the Physical Machine

5 Benefits of Using Digital Fax Instead of the Physical Machine

Fax machines are among the pioneers of modern communication, with the first one invented in the mid-19th century. This technology has evolved with time getting better and simplifying communication and providing legal validity to boot. It grew popular, and many became familiar with using it. However, as with any technology, innovations have made fax machines obsolete. You can now use digital alternatives like Fax VoIP, which enables over-the-internet transmission. But what are the benefits of using the latter? The benefits are as follows: 

1. Cost efficiency

Digital fax is cost-efficient because you won’t need hardware to send the messages provided you have a mobile device or computer and the internet. This feature also eliminates the maintenance cost of physical fax machines, making the digital option cheaper. In addition, there is no need for dedicated phone lines that the conventional fax uses. Choosing the digital fax also eliminates the need for printing paper or toner, unless necessary, which makes it cheaper and environmentally friendly. Furthermore, most digital fax service providers use pay-per-use pricing. 

2. Automatic backup

It can also backup your messages in the cloud for future reference. This feature gives you easy access to many fax messages without needinga stockpile of files. It also improves data protection from loss or damage caused by a disaster such as a fire. Additionally, the automaticbackup feature enhances compliance with data protection regulations. This backup will save time since you won’t need to back up everything physically. 

3. Flexibility

This technology is your go-to option if you want flexibility. For starters, it allows you to receive faxes on different devices, with most service providers having mobile compatibility. This flexibility enables you to receive or send fax from anywhere, enhancing efficiency. In addition, it enables integration with other business tools like your email and CRM system. And most importantly, it supports different file types, such as images, word documents, or PDFs,  allowing you to send or receive your faxesin any format. 

4. Enhanced security

Unlike traditional fax, digital ones are encrypted, protecting the message from intrusion. It also requires authentification, such as login details and biometrics, to access the fax. This technology ensures only authorized parties can read the message, making it ideal for sending sensitive information. In addition, the technology enables an audit trail that can tell who and when a fax was sent, preventing tampering. 

5. Scalability

Alternative digital technology like Fax VoIP is highly scalable and ideal for growing businesses. You can easily grow and shrink it as your needs increase or reduces. This feature is enabled by its flexible pricing, enablingyou to only pay for what you need. In addition, its scalability is enabled by the ease of adding or removing users and its ability to handle high fax volume if needed. 

Fax dominated the communication sphere in the past decades and is still one of the best ways to send messages fast and confidentially. However, advancements have made traditional fax machines obsolete like other technologies. Therefore, digital alternatives will help if you want cost efficiency,compliance, scalability, and others you have read here. 

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