Different Types Of Glasses Used For Interiors

Different Types Of Glasses Used For Interiors

Interiors are an essential part of any living area, be it in the household or commercial spaces. It should be carefully set up and designed to enhance the beauty of the surrounding place. We all love fancy and smartly designed interiors. They catch our immediate attention. 

Interior designing has become a fad these days. It has gained immense popularity. People now pay a lot of focus on how the interiors should look. It allows them to make good use of the available space and adds decorative value. The materials and their properties are equally important. A lot of planning is involved in selecting these materials before putting them to use. 

Glass is one such material that is used quite extensively for designing quality interior spaces.However, in the past, there were questions around the build quality. The people were hesitant and preferred alternatives like wood, etc., due to several advantages. 

First, the glass strength and durability have improved over the years. 

Second, the design is much more versatile. As a result, various options have come into the market. Top companies like roetell have established themselves and created a strong reputation in the industry. 

Types of Glass

Below are the main types of glasses used for the interior spaces. Let’s see what benefits these offer when it comes to practical use in the real world. 

Tempered Glass

It is also popularly known as Toughened glass. The foremost thing that comes to our mind on hearing tempered glass is our mobile. We use it to protect the screen. Isn’t it? 

The glass involves a lot of heating followed by softening and then cooling at last during the manufacturing process. This kind of preparation makes the glass pretty robust and sturdier than the usual standard glass. The scratch-resistant surface makes it perfect for long-term use. These are ideal for vital places in houses or offices like doors and windows.

Tempered glass does not break easily. Even if it does break, it just breaks into small minute pieces without causing any threat to your safety. The glass serves as an excellent piece of decoration. Display cases in retail shops use tempered glass. It is transparent in form and enhances the visibility of the products inside. 


It is another exciting variety, also known as acrylic glass. Plexiglass is pretty handy for use in designing and is usually the most preferred choice among architects.  

Polymerization is the process deployed to manufacture the glass. It is resistant to chemicals and much more substantial than regular glass. There are plenty of options in the market. 

Depending on the area you wish to have these installed, you can opt for tinted, patterned, or other kinds. Tabletops, shelves are familiar places where plexiglass finds everyday use. It is also environment friendly and easy to recycle.

Frosted glass

 This is a different variety of glass and has a frosted design on the surface. The manufacturing process involves a lot of heating and cooling. Sandblasting and acid etching are two methods to produce glass.  

The glass has translucent property, thereby allowing only some part of the light to pass through. Therefore, it is perfect for use in spaces where there is privacy and security needed. Furthermore, it permits just the right amount to keep the interior space adequately lit despite obscuring most light.  

The frosted glass also comes in varying designs and patterns. As a result, it can spice up the interiors to a great extent. Bathroom interiors and meeting spaces in offices are two places where frosted glass finds everyday use.

It is easy to clean and maintain without any hassles. Once set up, it is suited for long term use without incurring any additional costs.             

Insulated Glass

 As the name suggests, this type of glass is handy for spaces with a need for insulation. The built process combines two different glasses filled with vacuum or gas in between.

Insulated Glass

The insulating feature of the glass blocks the impact of the outside weather on the interior spaces. It maintains the internal temperature keeping the room cool in summers and warm in winters. In addition, it also blocks the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun from entering inside. 

Noise reduction is a significant feature of insulated glass. It blocks the external noise from entering inside. Thus, people can enjoy a calm and serene environment without getting disturbed.  

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is a very safe form of glass. It is layered and consists of a laminated sheet between the two glass sheets. The glass comes equipped with superior built strength.  It is much better when compared to the other forms of glasses.  

Although the cost is slightly higher, the glass finds much use, particularly in commercial spaces in high rise buildings. 

It enhances the appearance and creates a nice glazing effect. Not just the appearance. The laminated glass is resistant to high pressure and provides safety in harsh weather conditions like storms, heavy rain, etc. These features make it a top pick among architects. 

Polycarbonate Glass

 This variety of glass is different from other glasses mentioned above. It comes in the form of sheets. The sheets are lightweight and suitable for use across panels or roofs. It can enhance the quality of your interiors with its superb clarity and make things look appealing.

The polycarbonate glass is available in multiple colour options today. It retains its built quality for a long time. Usually, there are cases where we see the glass getting faded upon use. It is not the same here. These glasses are fit for use without having to worry about anything.

Another benefit of using polycarbonate glass is the reduced costs. It comes at affordable prices and is an excellent alternative for the customer over the other glass forms.

All the glass types mentioned above have their pros and cons. Therefore, selecting the correct type for your needs is extremely crucial. You can use them in all interior places. It will add a new dimension to the interior and make the space look fantastic.

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