Dice Games on Ethereum: Top 3 in 2023

Dice Games on Ethereum: Top 3 in 2023

Blockchain-based gambling, such as on Ethereum, offers a rock-solid platform for players who want to bet with confidence. As a result, it is almost difficult for an online casino to change or modify the randomly generated number. When it comes to online bitcoin dice games, the whole procedure is automated using smart contracts. As a result of the Ethereum blockchain’s transparency, all bets may be audited by the public. Many Ethereum dice games don’t need any kind of registration, which is a big part of their popularity. Unlike regular internet casinos, which often need personal information such as a passport or bank statement, this one does not. Only an Ethereum wallet address is required to play dice games.

It’s as simple as logging on to the platform of your choice and sending your stake to the stated address; if you win, the money is instantly sent back to your Ethereum address. As a result, the old approach of opening an account, depositing money through debit or credit card, and then waiting days or even weeks to get their money back has been mostly eliminated. As a consequence, gamers don’t have to divulge their genuine identity while wagering. As one of the most popular bitcoin gambling products, some usdc dice also have a slew of operators to select from, which is understandable. Here, we’ll take a look at three of the most popular Ethereum-based crypto dice games.


Crypto-games.net is an online gaming service that focuses on dice games and accepts many cryptocurrencies. Ethereum may be used to place online wagers in addition to other alt-coins on the platform. As an incentive to those who wish to win large, players may change their pay-out rate from a low of two times to 9,920 times. Crypto-games.net, like the aforementioned services, is open to people of any country and does not need any accounts to be set up. When it comes to dice games, they’ve got one of the lowest house edges around. 


Ethereum dice game Etheroll was among the first to make use of the desire of the gaming community to set their odds. Etheroll started with a $175,000 crowd-funding campaign, but the company has since grown tremendously. Players may wager on the roll of a 100-sided die using the Dapp. There is a wide range of odds available, ranging from 1 per cent to 98 per cent, so users may follow the “risk vs reward” mentality in this regard. Etheroll uses an Ethereum smart-contract, which offers its consumers total transparency and most crucially, the complete assurance that the dice outcome is fair and truthful.


Online dice gaming on Ethereum is now possible with vDice, a platform built on the Ethereum blockchain. To play, all a player has to do is choose a number, select their bet multipliers, and then sit back and wait to find out whether they won or lost. The player may choose from a variety of odds depending on how much risk they are willing to accept. VDice’s house advantage is only 1.9%, which is quite competitive for a gaming site.

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