The 20 Best Dark Web Sites Worth Visiting (Including Links)

The 20 Best Dark Web Sites Worth Visiting (Including Links)

So, you’ve learned how to access the dark web, and now you’re ready to explore your newfound power? Well, you’re in the right place. Welcome to the brotherhood of the dark web. In this follow-up, I’ll cover some of the dark web’s lesser-known enigmas and how to access them. So, without further ado, we will dive into the onion patch: the top 20 best dark web websites.

The 20 Best Dark Web Sites Worth Visiting (Including Links)

If you’re new to the dark web, here’s what you need to know. The dark web is a place where all kinds of people hang out. Some people are trying to find whitepapers that they wouldn’t be able to find on the clear web (because they are behind a very high and expensive paywall). Some people are just trying to chat with complete strangers on the dark web. Some people are trying to sell their stolen goods or try to take over the world.

Here are the top 20 best dark web sites you must visit at least once in your lifetime.

1. Ahmia

Considering a top dark web search engine, Ahmia is one. It is a very helpful tool for the darknet users on the Tor network.

2. Dark Web News / Dark Web Link

Dark Web Link is a tor-based dark web news site offering the latest news from around the corners of the dark web. It also offers a list of active dark web links.


3. Onionhub

Onion Hub is a top dark web news cum dark web link directory made for the ease of the dark web users, new and old.


4. Crypt Design

Crypt Design is considered to be one of the top dark web design services websites exclusively made for the dark web users and for the ones who want to launch their best dark web websites.


5. Sci-Hub

Sci-Hub, the largest dark web repository of scientific papers, is not related to science-fiction literature but science itself, but users have reported malicious links and redirects.

6. ZeroBin

ZeroBin is a covert, dark web-based communication platform that resembles a secret agent, offering autodestruct features that make messages go kaboom after the recipient reads them.

7.Impreza Hosting

Impreza Hosting offers dark web hosting services, including domain names, email services, and rentable servers, providing opportunities for industrious individuals to launch their own dark web websites.

8. Dark Lair

Dark Lair is an image hosting platform that combines social media with image sharing, allowing users to post comments, share music, upload photos, and message their dark web friends.

9. Comic Book Library

The dark web Comic Book Library offers thousands of downloadable comics, regardless of team affiliation, providing a fun and enjoyable experience for all.

10. Deep Web Radio

Deep Web Radio offers music streaming on the dark web, enhancing your experience by allowing you to listen to radio stations on your laptop.

11. Hidden Answers

Hidden Answers is a dark web version of Reddit or Quora, offering topics like marriage advice, trauma Q&As, hacking, literature, and more.

12. Daniel

Daniel, a dark web website aggregator, helps navigate the onion maze, offering a more comprehensive alternative to the disturbing and illegal information found on Hidden Wiki.

13. Numbers Station

Numbers Station is a dark web site with eerie noises and voices, allegedly coded messages sent by secret operatives, resembling “Just Scream, Baby” for clear scream recordings.

14. Tunnels

Tunnels is a website showcasing underground urban exploration, featuring pictures and videos of cavern-like structures and possibly escape tunnels, allegedly discovered beneath prestigious American Universities.

15. Imperial Library

The Imperial Library, a large digital library with over 500,000 downloadable books and articles, is known for its extensive collection, but copyright infringement concerns must be considered.

16. Archive Today

A dark web website preserves the Internet’s cultural and scientific heritage, featuring snapshots from Google’s first version, offline websites, books, movies, and Google anniversary animations.

17. Hack-Rent-A-Hacker

Hack-Rent-A-Hacker is one of the best dark web sites that offers affordable, professional Facebook account hacking services, but it’s not recommended for beginners due to the complexity of white-hat hacking.

18. The Campfire

A virtual IRC-based gathering place allows users to chat with anyone globally, simply select a room, say “hi!”, and enjoy themselves.

19. ProPublica

ProPublica, a Pulitzer Prize-winning non-profit, exposes power abuses and public trust issues through investigative journalism, offering anonymous browsing and a secure platform for whistleblowers.

20. Facebook

Facebook’s onion site, similar to ProPublica, facilitates access to information in countries restricted by privacy, serving as a crucial communication tool for oppressive regimes.

Additional Tips On Accessing The Dark Web

Here are a few things to remember when browsing your favourite dark web websites:

Use a VPN and a dedicated onion browser for accessing the best onion links. If you need help setting up Tor and VPN, please refer to my previous article.

Use common sense. We suggest you stick to these websites. Going further down the dark web rabbit hole could land you in a lot of trouble.

Protect your endpoints. Protect your endpoints from the plethora of dark web malware that is out there. We recommend using Heimdal next-gen antivirus for boots on the ground and Heimdal threat prevention – network for DNS filtering, a combination that will save your endpoints and skin.


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