Best ways to improve your CSGO

Best ways to improve your CSGO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is based on the first-person shooter game that is usually played in teams. Currently, it has been the topmost favourite game of many people. Like other games, it is very easy to learn but, one cannot easily master it in CSGO. Many fresh players and existing players are willing to learn about the tips and tricks to improve their CSGO game. Also, there are even platforms that are working towards CSGO aim training. There are only a few gamers who have complete skills in it and are a pro. Particularly, if you are looking for ways to improve your CSGO game, then you are on the right path.

Here are some tips to improve your CSGO game.

Top 7 tips to become a pro in CSGO 

  1. Play a warm-up match: A warm-up is the best way to start with any game that you play. It can be helpful for you set the targets for your competitive game. You can now try out different ways in the match that might benefit you in the later game. The warm-up match can be a lot useful for the betterment of Deathmatch mode in the game.
  2. Practice: Practice can make you excel. If you are starting with your first game and thinking about winning, it cannot happen at once. Knowing how to play the game and become a professional at the game is a complete thing. For mastering the skills in CSGO, practice on daily basis is required. You should at least give 20-25 minutes on the training map and practice with bots. After that practice with real people should be done for good results.
  3. Develop your muscle memory- It is very important to have trained muscle memory and good hand-eye coordination. Keeping an eye on the crosshair is not necessary. You should practice with your hand to move it smoothly, for which you require a large and smooth mouse pad.
  4. Get your settings in order: Managing the settings of the game is very essential to achieve the goal. You should have a quality gaming mouse, a smooth and big mouse pad, a good headset for the game. It is recommended to fix the graphics settings and lower the mouse sensitivity for a more precise game.
  5. Practice your flick aim– In CSGO, there are two kinds of aiming theories namely tracking aim and flick aim. The tracking aim is concerned with moving on a particular point with trained crosshairs. Whereas, in flick aim, you are supposed to move your crosshair at a higher speed between the target points. This can help in developing muscle memory.
  6. Watch pro streams- The best way to learn CSGO is by watching professional matches. You can analyse and notice the important tricks that are being followed by the players, also learn about the rotations, usage of weapons, and the functioning of teams.
  7. Play aim map- The aim maps can be very effective to improve your game. You can improve your recoil by testing your reflexes in terms of muscle memory, set your speed, and the red dots that have to be shot.


There is no difficult procedure to become an expert in the CSGO. It only requires constant practice and the right strategies to be followed. The above-mentioned tips can be followed for improving the CSGO game.

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