How to Make Car insurance Claim After An Accident

How to Make Car insurance Claim After An Accident

Meeting with an accident could be the worst thing to happen to you, and what would be worse than following up with the insurance company to get your claim. An auto insurance claim is referred to as the request which is made to get compensation from the insurance company.

This insurance claim generally covers the damages that are sustained during the car accident. We all know that car repairs can be expensive depending upon the type of car that you have got.

Hence it is important to file an insurance claim to get compensation for the damages of your car. But many of you would not have any idea about the whole process of claiming the insurance. You can certainly get in touch with no win no fee lawyers in Queensland if you are not aware of the process. Here we will be sharing the detailed process which would help you to file the insurance claim for your car.

Get in touch with the Police

The first thing that you would need to do after the car accident is to get in touch with the police. This would be your first step in the insurance claim process. We understand that you might have got shaken completely due to the incident and may not be in a position to do all these formalities. But it is always beneficial to contact the police officer and get your car accident details recorded.

In case if the other party becomes difficult to handle, then police officers would be there for your help since you would have already filed a complaint. Here police officers will also make sure to arrange the emergency services or ambulance if required.

Make sure to file the accident report

Every state has a different law when it comes to reporting car accident cases. Hence make sure you are aware of the laws of your respective state and follow all the necessary procedures. If you are not aware, then you can contact your respective state insurance commissioner’s office for the same.

Gather the required information regarding your car accident

Filing an insurance claim would ask for hundreds of details, and hence you should be ready with all the required details before approaching the insurance company to file your claim. Make sure to document all the little details about the accident in terms of vehicle, the location, and people involved in the accident. This would save you a lot of time and effort while filing the insurance claim.

Contact your insurance company

Now comes the most important step. Here you will be contacting your insurance company to file your claim. It is always recommended to contact your insurance company from the accident location itself at the same time.

They will help you with the next steps and the required information to process your insurance claim. Here your insurance company can also arrange for the towing facility to collect your damaged car from the accident spot. But here, first, you would need to check whether your policy covers the given facility. They can also arrange the rental car for you from the accident spot to your place or the hospital. This can save you a lot of money and time. Hence it is always advisable to contact the insurance company from the accident spot itself.

Get in touch with the claim specialist

The insurance company will allow you with a claim specialist to process your claim. This claim specialist is known as the adjuster as well. This claim specialist will help to represent you in the required discussions with other parties as well as insurance companies. These claim specialists also investigate various circumstances and make sure to get your claim settled at the earliest. You can always get in touch with your claim specialist either in person or over the call.

If your car needs to get repaired, then the claim specialist would also help you by contacting the garage and get the estimates for the repair. Apart from a vehicle, the specialist will also take care of the potential personal injury claims and payments. Hence make sure to provide the specialist with all the required information to settle your claim quickly.

Get the diminished value claim

A diminished value claim helps you to get compensation for any kind of drop in the resale value of your car after the accident. This value can range from anywhere between hundreds to thousands of dollars if in case your vehicle is new.

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