The Importance of California Sexual Harassment Training

The Importance of California Sexual Harassment Training

There are many reasons that sexual harassment training is important in your workplace, especially in today’s environment. You do not want a lawsuit against your company because you failed to protect your employees against sexual harassment. Although many people know the seriousness of sexual harassment, not everyone realizes all the nuances that could be construed as sexual harassment. 

            You can do some research about sexual harassment and the effects it has on your employees. You can also find someone that can do the research and even training on this for your employees. You can even get sexual harassment training in the state of California that can help your business. There are many ways that you can seek this training across the United States, as well. 

            This article will show you some of the ways that this training can help you and your company. You can also do more research to find out even more ways, but this is a start for you. You can learn a little bit about it here.

1. Legal Compliance

The biggest reason that you need to know about sexual harassment training is because of legal compliance for your business. It is the law that you cannot sexually harass your employees, and they cannot sexually harass each other. You and your employees all need to know all the ways that you can be harassed sexually. It is not all as black and white as it can seem.

California Sexual Harassment Training
  • You Are Not Under a Rock

If you live in America, you know that there has been an environment of sexual harassment for years and it needs to stop. Even if you do not read the news very often, almost everyone has heard about someone that has been harassed sexually, either someone they know personally or someone in the news, or even themselves. You can read here to see how often sexual harassment happens each year in the United States. It happens way more often than you expect. 

  • Risk Management

Having the training as a part of your workplace environment will help protect you as a company against lawsuits pertaining to sexual harassment. If you do the training and someone sexually harasses another employee, the judgement of the lawsuit will go against the employee and not necessarily against your company. After all, you attempted to train the employee in what was right or wrong and they chose not to follow it. 

  • Issue Prevention

If you do the training, you can prevent the sexual harassment from happening. That is the reason behind the training, you do not want it to happen at all. Hopefully, once the training has been provided, no one will act in that way. 

  • Bottom Line Savings

Providing the training is much less expensive than fighting a lawsuit because you did not provide it. If you lose the lawsuit, which is likely without the training, you will more than likely be required to provide the training anyway. If you do it upfront, you will save money from not being involved in the lawsuit in the first place.

  • Negative Public Relations

If you allow sexual harassment to exist in your workplace, you will get negative publicity when the public finds out about it. This is a hard subject to keep hidden, someone will always tell, it is something that the news organizations will find out about. If you do the training, it is less likely that you will have sexual harassment in your workplace.

  • Employee Retention

Even more important than public opinion is employee retention, you want to make sure that your employees want to work with you and for you. If you have the training, your employees can be safe from sexual harassment and know that if it does happen, you will do something about it. To learn more about employee retention, you can look here:  This article will help you to know how to retain your employees. 

  • Employee Recruitment

If you do the training, you can soon get a reputation that you want – that your workplace is a safe place to work. You want to be able to recruit the best people for your business and you can do that if the potential employees know that it is a safe environment.

  • Operational Productivity

If you have someone that has been sexually harassed at your workplace, they will not be one hundred percent focused on doing their job. They will be focused on the harassment and how to avoid it in the future, possibly even wondering what they could have done to avoid it in the first place. There will also be gossip happening around the fact that someone was sexually harassed. Everyone will want to know who did it, who was affected, and how they can avoid it. All this focus on sexual harassment takes the focus off the job. 

These are just a few of the important reasons that sexual harassment training needs to happen at your workplace. The most important reason is that you want your employees to feel safe coming to work with you each day. 

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