What are the best cricket teams without Test status?

What are the best cricket teams without Test status?

Having cricket Test status basically means that a country belongs to the elite of this sport. Feel free to place online bet – 1xBet comes with all sorts of wagers that can be made on these kinds of matches too.

However, there are many teams that, while not having this status, can still deliver some great performances in other formats of the sport. Therefore, let’s talk about some of the best cricket national teams that don’t have Test status. An online bet can be placed at 1xBet on teams that don’t have this status too.

In 1st place we have Nepal. It has had great players, such as Sandeep Lamichhane. He is a great bowler that has made batters crazy. Also, he has played in various T20 leagues. Overall, Nepal’s journey in cricket is like a rollercoaster, with ups and downs and with no dull moments. And when they burst onto the T20 World Cup scene in 2014, they made quite a statement.

The fierce Scottish team

Moving a bit westward, let’s talk about Scotland, which is the 2nd team we will talk about here. There are bets on 1xBet cricket that can also be made on all matches that are played by the Scottish national side too.

They’re all about blending that tough Scottish spirit with some pretty slick cricketing skills. For example, they faced England back in 2018 and won the match, meaning they have the courage to get what seems to be impossible. There are great bets on the cricket section of 1xBet, which you can also make on matches between those 2 teams as well. They have also had great players, with 2 notable examples being Kyle Coetzer and Richie Berrington.

The disciplined Dutch team

The Netherlands is a 3rd team to mention. They approach the game with a mix of discipline and strategy that’s as unique as their country. Their cricket history is peppered with incredible moments, such as when they defeated England back in the 2009 T20 World Cup. You can find all virtual sports on 1xbet.pk/virtualsports, and here you also have a great chance to wager on major cricket competitions as well.

The Dutch have this knack for showing up and showing off in the best way, proving time and again that they’re not to be underestimated.

So, to summarize, we spoke about 3 different teams:

  • Nepal;
  • Scotland;
  • and the Netherlands.

They might not get to wear the Test cricket crown, but they’re royalty in their own right. They bring the drama, the excitement, and the passion that reminds us why people love cricket in the 1st place. It’s not just about the centuries and the 5-wicket hauls. Instead, it’s about the spirit, the fight, and the joy of playing the game. Currently on 1xBet there are all virtual sports in addition to a fully-fledged cricket section full of spectacular options too.


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