Alienware Aurora 2019 Review: A Guide To Read Before Buying

Alienware Aurora 2019 Review: A Guide To Read Before Buying

The Alienware Aurora 2019 is a desktop gaming PC that offers cutting-edge technology and high-performance hardware. It’s a choice, for gamers who crave top-tier performance. In this article, we will explore its benefits and standout features making it a top pick, for both gamers and content creators.

Build Quality and Design

Processor9th Gen Intel Core i7 9700K (8-core, 12MB cache)
Memory16GB Dual Channel HyperX Fury DDR4 XMP at 2666MHz
Storage– 256GB M.2 SATA SSD (Boot)
– 2TB 7200RPM SATA 6GB/s (Storage)
Graphics CardNvidia GeForce RTX 2080 Super 8GB GDDR6 (OC ready)
USB PortsUSB 3.1, USB 3.0, USB 2.0, Type-C
quality and design

The 2019 Alienware Aurora is a high-end gaming computer that is built using top-notch components and materials. Its design is aimed at captivating gamers with a modern exterior featuring the iconic Alienware logo. The PC’s sturdy aluminum chassis ensures build quality.

On the front, it boasts a vent adorned with the Alien head emblem along, with various ports for connecting external devices. At the back, there is a user I/O section equipped with ports such as USB 2.0 Type C, USB 3.1 HDMI and Display Port. Overall the 2019 Alienware Aurora is meticulously. Expertly crafted to deliver aesthetics and performance in gaming. While it does come at a price point it promises a gaming experience, for users.

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Processor and Memory

The 2019 Alienware Aurora is a computer that delivers impressive computing power thanks, to its Core i9 10900K processor. This means you can enjoy a computing experience whether you’re gaming, creating content or using VR applications. The processor is supported by a motherboard designed to unlock its potential. Additionally, the generous 64GB of DDR4 RAM (expandable to 128GB) ensures performance for demanding tasks.

When it comes to storage the Alienware Aurora offers plenty of options. You can choose up to 2TB of HDD storage. Even add a solid-state drive for enhanced performance. This setup caters, to gamers media enthusiasts and anyone who needs storage space. Overall the Alienware Aurora 2019 is a powerhouse that meets needs and requirements.

Alienware Aurora 2019 Review

If you’re, in the market for a reliable gaming setup the Alienware Aurora 2019 Review is a choice. It comes packed with a range of features and benefits making it a popular option among gamers worldwide. Here’s why you should seriously consider opting for the Alienware Aurora 2019;

1. Exceptional Gaming Performance; This desktop computer is specifically designed to deliver top-notch performance when it comes to running the games. Thanks, to its cutting-edge Intel processor it effortlessly handles the demanding titles ensuring a seamless and immersive gaming experience. Additionally, the Nvidia GeForce GTX 2080 graphics card offers visuals, high frame rates and smooth textures.

2. Cutting Edge Design; The Alienware Aurora 2019 showcases an impressive design that will surely catch the eye of your gamers. Its internals are easily accessible making upgrades a breeze. It’s not a powerhouse; it adds a touch, to your gaming setup.

3. Personalized Style; The desktops case exudes. Elegance, seamlessly blending into any home environment. With lighting technology, you can personalize the appearance of the Aurora 2019 with a range of color options. It’s designed to stand out and reflect your style.

4. Convenient Portability; Thanks to its custom-built carrying handle and lightweight design moving the Aurora 2019 between gaming locations is effortless. It won’t take up space in your home while still providing portability.

5. Expandable and Upgradeable; The Aurora 2019 offers room for expansion and various upgrade options. Its accessible case comes equipped with ports and bays ensuring hassle-free additions of components as needed. You can keep up with high-end hardware without having to replace the unit.

The Alienware Aurora 2019 delivers top-tier features that guarantee a gaming experience. Whether you’re passionate about the games or seeking an aesthetic this desktop is an outstanding choice, for gamers of all types.

Is it Value for money?

The 2019 Alienware Aurora is a choice, for those looking for a gaming PC that offers great value. It comes in a visually appealing design with top-notch hardware neatly packed inside.

With an Intel processor, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 2080 graphics card and speedy memory and storage capabilities the Aurora guarantees reliable performance.

One of its standout features is its durability. The exterior is resistant to corrosion while interior dust filters and optimized cooling ensure that the PC remains in shape for a time. Gamers will truly be immersed in their gameplay experience with support for up to four 4K monitors Dolby Atmos surround sound and Tobii Eye tracking technology for precision.

Moreover, the Aurora enhances gaming audio through the Alienware Audio Mixer and Alienware Acoustic Dampening. The visuals are exceptionally well customizable through NVIDIA GeForce Experience software.

Despite its hardware capabilities the 2019 Alienware Aurora remains reasonably priced compared to high-end gaming PCs in its price range. It offers performance without breaking the bank.

Another advantage of this PC is its ease of upgrade and customization. The chassis allows access, to components enabling users to enhance their system without having to invest in a new setup.

If you’re looking for a gaming experience that’s both effective and budget-friendly the Alienware Aurora 2019 is definitely worth considering. It offers a range of features and impressive performance all at an appealing price.

Desktop PC Vs. Gaming Laptop

Today in the world of gaming the choice of platform has an impact, on how games perform. Whether you’re into eSports or just enjoy gaming it can be quite a challenge to decide between a gaming laptop and a desktop PC.

The main difference between the two lies in their portability and power. Gaming laptops offer the advantage of being portable and convenient; you can easily take them with you to a friend’s place or an event. Connect them to a monitor when needed. On the other hand, gaming PCs are known for their power allowing you to fully unleash the potential of both hardware and software options available, on a desktop platform.

Desktop PC Vs. Gaming Laptop

When it comes to gaming in today’s world choosing the platform is essential, for maximizing your gaming experience whether you’re into eSports or just casual gaming. It can be quite a challenge to decide between a gaming laptop and a desktop PC.

The main difference lies in the trade-off between portability and power. Gaming laptops offer mobility and convenience. You can easily take them with you to a friend’s place or to a party. If you need performance you can connect them to an external monitor. On the other hand, gaming PCs provide power that allows gamers to fully utilize the hardware and software advantages of a desktop setup.

Gaming laptops have come a long way in terms of performance. They now come equipped with notch laptop hardware like GPUs and powerful CPUs that rival their desktop counterparts. Additionally, gaming laptops feature displays with DPI, which gives gamers an edge in crisp visuals for competitive gameplay.

In terms of storage options, many gaming laptops combine drives and/or solid-state drives (SSDs) ensuring lightning experiences – especially when playing demanding games.

On the side, gaming PCs offer frames that greatly contribute to achieving top-tier gaming performance. Their spacious design allows for cooling systems which are crucial, for extended gaming sessions. Moreover, gaming desktops are highly expandable making it easier to upgrade both storage capacities and graphics capabilities.

Their larger parts have durability guaranteeing that your gaming system will function at its best for a time.

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Distinguishing Between Gaming Desktops and Standard Desktops

In today’s technology landscape choosing the computer for your tasks can have an impact, on your outcomes. This is especially true when it comes to gaming, where having a gaming desktop can greatly enhance the gaming experience compared to a desktop. So what makes them different?

1. Hardware Performance; Gaming desktops excel in terms of performance. They typically come equipped with top-notch graphics cards, processors, sufficient RAM and ample storage capacity ensuring more immersive gaming experiences. Regular desktops although capable may not reach the performance levels. This may result in a less engaging gaming experience.

2. Customization Options; Gaming desktops offer customization options both internally and externally. Gamers have the freedom to tailor these PCs according to their requirements by choosing components and personalizing the external appearance. On the other hand, standard desktops might provide customization options that restrict personalization.

3. Cooling and Noise Control; Gaming desktops often incorporate cooling solutions such as fans to maintain optimal performance levels. As a result, they might operate at noise levels due to increased fan speeds. In contrast, standard desktops may not possess the cooling capabilities that make them quieter but potentially less efficient, for cooling purposes.

4. Cost; Gaming desktops tend to be pricier compared to desktops, due to their hardware customizable features and gaming-oriented functionalities. On the other hand, regular desktops offer basic hardware capabilities and are generally more affordable. They are suitable for computing tasks, without breaking the bank.

Choosing between a gaming desktop and a regular one depends on your needs and budget. Gaming desktops provide gaming performance, extensive customization options and efficient cooling mechanisms. Come with a higher price tag. Regular desktops offer capabilities. May be better suited for everyday computing tasks while being mindful of your budget.

Why is Alienware Aurora 2019 Expensive?

Have you ever wondered why Alienware desktops and peripherals have a price compared to brands? There are reasons that contribute to this.

1. Quality of Materials; Alienware products are known for their top-tier components, cutting-edge technology and meticulous craftsmanship. These high-quality materials make their devices robust and capable of handling demanding tasks. They also increase the production costs.

2. Customer Support; Alienware stands out by providing customer support. The Alienware Status program offers 24/7 chat assistance staffed by technicians. This level of support incurs expenses, for the company, which ultimately affects the pricing of their products.

3. Brand Reputation; Alienware has built a reputation, in the market. Their products are seen as the end. This premium branding comes with a corresponding price tag. While you’re paying for the brand name you’ll also receive quality products and excellent customer service in return.

Considering these factors collectively it becomes clear why Alienware products come with a price point. The combination of materials, advanced features and premium brand reputation justifies the cost by delivering value in return. If you’re looking for of-the-line computing solutions it’s understandable that investing in these premium products is necessary.

Considerations Before Purchasing a Gaming PC

Before you purchase a gaming PC it’s important to consider factors that will help you find the hardware to meet your needs. In this section, we will explore the aspects to think about enabling you to make decisions and enhance your gaming experience.

1. Analyzing Various Components and Specifications

Choosing a gaming PC is a decision that really impacts your gaming experience. With many different components and specs to consider it’s important to know what matters most to you and do some research.

Before making a decision, on a gaming PC take the time to explore all the different components and specifications available. When comparing gaming PCs pay attention to the type of processor how RAM it has and the specifications of the graphics card. It’s especially important to prioritize high-quality processors and enough RAM since they really make a difference in your gaming performance. If you want top-notch graphics look for the most powerful graphics cards that offer superb detail and realistic visuals.

Depending on your gaming preferences you might also want to think about getting peripherals like headsets, mice or keyboards because they can enhance accuracy and make gameplay more immersive. Lastly don’t forget about storage capacity! Make sure it’s sufficient, for all the games you plan on playing.

By considering all the components and specifications of each gaming PC option you’ll be able to make an informed choice and find the perfect one that meets your needs.. Remember, if budget is a concern now you can always upgrade certain components later on to improve your gaming setup.

2. Striking the Right Balance Between Capabilities and Price

When you begin your journey to purchase a gaming PC it’s crucial to find the balance, between capabilities and price. With different models and features available it can feel overwhelming.. With practical insights, you can find the perfect gaming PC that suits your needs.

Start by setting a clear price limit for yourself. Consider the types of games you plan to play and the level of graphics quality you desire. Gaming PCs with all the bells and whistles can quickly become expensive. However, by doing research and managing your budget wisely you can find a system that fits within your boundaries while still offering the features and capabilities you need.

Another important factor is considering the age of components while balancing capabilities and price. Generally, newer components tend to outperform ones. Keep an eye on GPUs (graphics processing units) and processors when comparing models to ensure you’re getting value for your money. If you’re, on a budget don’t dismiss the possibility of using hardware that can still provide decent performance. On the other hand, if you’re willing to invest in cutting-edge technology higher-end components will enhance your gaming experience. Be more future-proof.

No matter what your budget is it’s important to evaluate the components and features available when looking for a gaming PC that meets your specific needs. By considering the performance and cost of each gaming PC you can make an informed choice that guarantees an exceptional gaming experience.

3. Selecting a Brand for Your Gaming PC

When you’re looking to buy a gaming PC selecting the right brand becomes crucial. With brands to choose from it can feel overwhelming but there are a few important steps you can take to make an informed decision; understanding your needs and budget researching different brands comparing prices and reading online reviews.

Start by assessing your requirements and budget for the gaming PC. Consider the games you want to play the level of system power you need and how much you’re willing to spend. This will help you narrow down your options and avoid overspending on features you won’t use.

Once you have a shortlist of brands dive into researching each one. Look into their strengths and weaknesses. Reading customer reviews and checking component ratings, for each model is also valuable. Make sure the specifications of the models align, with the games you plan on running.

Lastly, compare prices diligently. Choose the model that offers the value. Many top computer companies offer pricing as well as potential discounts so it’s worth taking advantage of such opportunities when making your purchase.

4. Caring for Your Gaming PC

It’s crucial for dedicated gamers to prioritize the maintenance of their gaming setup. Even if you have the best gaming PC money can buy it’s important to take steps to preserve it and extend its lifespan in order to consistently get the most out of its performance.

To make sure your gaming PC is always operating at its best here are some steps you should consider;

i. Regular Cleaning; It’s important to clean your PC’s interior to prevent dust and particles from accumulating, which can lead to potential hardware damage. Aim for a cleaning routine every two months.

ii. Software Updates; Keep both your CPU and software up, to date. Developers frequently release updates that optimize performance. Stay on top of these releases and promptly download and install them.

iii. Temperature Monitoring; Keep an eye on the temperature of your gaming PC. High temperatures may indicate system load. Consider reducing the load or investing in a quality cooling system to maintain performance.

iv. Data Backup; Make data backup a priority by securing copies of your files, programs and essential data in case of system failure or data corruption. Investing in a backup system ensures that your important data is readily available, during emergencies.

5. Leveraging Resources for In-Depth Research

When it comes to shopping for a gaming PC conducting research using resources can significantly enhance your knowledge. It can be quite challenging to prioritize features and find information. However, there are resources that can assist you in making well-informed decisions.

Here are some ways you can effectively utilize these resources;

i. Manufacturer Websites; Leading PC manufacturers, like Dell, HP and MSI have dedicated sections on their websites that provide details about their gaming PCs and the features they offer.

ii. YouTube Videos; Online video platforms such as YouTube offer a treasure trove of content including reviews, demonstrations and tutorials on gaming PCs. Watching videos from channels can give you insights.

iii. Trusted Websites; Numerous trusted websites specialize in product reviews and comparisons. These platforms provide opinions, performance assessments and expert recommendations.

iv. Gaming Forums; Engaging with gaming communities and forums allows you to tap into the experiences and insights of fellow gamers. You can gather information about compatibility issues. Receive advice on essential system components.

v. Comparative Analysis; Take advantage of comparison websites to get a perspective on hardware prices. This will help you assess the value of the gaming PC you’re interested, in.

By utilizing these resources you can develop a grasp of the gaming PC industry recognize any compatibility issues that may arise identify the strengths and weaknesses in terms of performance and ultimately make a well-informed decision when purchasing.

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The Alienware Aurora 2019 Review is an impressive and compact gaming PC that comes packed with a range of features. Despite its size, the Aurora is designed to handle demanding usage earning the trust of gamers, for its reliability and durability.

This gaming powerhouse has a sturdy build featuring a sleek chassis. Its ports and connectors have been extensively tested to withstand shocks and movements setting it apart from desktop models. Inside the components benefit from shielding technology to ensure their protection.

For those who want a dependable gaming machine without compromising on gameplay performance, the Alienware Aurora 2019 is a choice. It combines cutting-edge technology with fast processing power to handle games of all complexities while its impressive specifications guarantee a gaming experience. Additionally, the Aurora offers upgradability and customization options making it a popular choice for gamers and tech enthusiasts alike. With its design and outstanding performance the Alienware Aurora is an option, for gamers looking for a high-quality gaming rig that remains affordable.

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