5 Interesting Facts About cannabis extraction technologies

5 Interesting Facts About cannabis extraction technologies

The history of cannabis dates back to 1000s of years up to 3rd millennium BC.  The interesting fact is that during those days it had been used fibers and ropes.  Later these plants were found to be included in the food ingredients and in some medicines. From that time onwards the psychoactive property of the plant was famous and had used in many religious and recreational acts. The Chinese and the Japanese had made use of the plant in shoes and cloth making, potteries and even in the earliest form of paper. The influence of the cannabis plant in the Arab and African countries was mentioned in their history.

cannabis extraction technologies

Cannabis oil

The cannabis plant is a storehouse for many compounds which commonly known as cannabinoids. The oils extracted from the cannabis plant are the rich sources of the cannabinoids (CBD). Another most important constituent in the cannabis plant is the tetrahydro cannabinol-TCH. Both CBD and TCH have different effects like TCH alters the mood levels of a person and the CBD is not psychoactive. From this fact, it is evident that the many criticized after-effects of the cannabis usage are caused mainly due to the TCH factor and not the CBD compounds. These CBD compounds are highly beneficial in the medical field as it won’t cause any significant changes in the body. You can check penguin cbd online if you are interested in CBD.

So it is interesting to know that, a once prohibited product nowadays find prolific effects on many fields. For this, we have to thank our chemists who work on the science behind cannabis extraction. Understanding the significance of this extraction process many cannabis extraction companies have been developed in the near times. The companies such as Salem scientific are the frontiers in the field. At this point, it is important to check out some interesting facts on cannabis extraction.

Things to know about cannabis extraction

Applicable laws and regulations

Even though the possession of cannabis or cannabis-related products is strictly prohibited to individuals under 18, the adults can handle them in limited amounts like 150 grams or less. The cannabis act is mainly coined to protect the youth. But if you are thoroughly going through the regulation you can see the clear mention of Cannabis oil. It says that an oil containing cannabis and which is in liquid form at a temperature of 20 to 24 degrees Celsius can be possessed and used for medical treatments. 

Safety  hazards associated with the extraction

In the processing of cannabis oil, the main method used is solvent extraction .the most common solvents utilized in the process are, ethanol, some flammable liquids, butane, and carbon dioxide. Most of these compounds are found to be highly toxic and flammable increasing the work threats. Safety is an important criterion when working with generic drugs. Check about ketamine.

From the storage of these solvents to the piping connections and controlled openings, everything has to be monitored carefully. Normally the generators are used in these workplaces. In the presence of generators, gases such as Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, propane, etc are more dangerous. Gas leak detection alarms should be placed in the working stations to ensure the ultimate safety of the people working around.

Chemistry of extraction

Solvent-based and solventless extraction techniques are widely used now a day. In the solventless extraction technique, no other solvent, other than water is used. In solvent-based techniques, popular solvents such as alcohol, butane, and propane are used. In some other methods, carbon dioxide is used for extraction and that also comes under solvent-based extraction.

Waste management after extraction

The material which came in contact with the cannabis during the cultivation, production, and manufacturing can be considered as waste. These may include leftover cannabis, extracts, wrappings, cartridges, growing medium, used testing samples, etc. This wastes may be a matter of environmental concern. There are a lot of waste management companies to sort out the issue. They can collect the wastes and make use them properly. Some companies are able to convert it into animal beds and construction materials.

The post-extraction processing

The product obtained after extraction is normally known as full-spectrum. It indicates the presence of other cannabinoids such as CBDA, CBDV, THC and some other prohibited contents. Some other beneficial plant materials such as terpenes and amino acids are also present in the full spectrum CBD. So many people prefer to use it as such. But many people like to use it without TCH content or in fewer amounts of TCH. For them, CBD isolates are prepared with further purification. The best CBD oil can also be mixed with many other substances to create various products.

Winding up

Cannabis extraction is becoming a huge business opportunity in the medical field and Salem scientific isone such leading company in the field. They are not growing the plant instead, they legally extract the oil out of it and market the same.

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