Why History Buffs Love Living in Richmond

Why History Buffs Love Living in Richmond

You love history more than anything else in the world and you’ve heard Richmond is the place to be. Why is that though? Obviously, it’s one of the oldest cities in America but that can’t be all right? Plenty of places along the east coast also have history going back to early America. Before you start looking for Richmond apartments for rent, you must be so curious about what makes this place in particular special for history buffs like yourself. 

Of course, it’s a great place looking at it through the modern lens but what’s there in terms of preserving the past? Thankfully, there’s plenty of amazing and humbling sites for you to see. Here’s just a few of reasons as to why history lovers all want to live in Richmond. 

One Of The Earliest Colonies

As mentioned, there’s plenty of old cities throughout the East Coast that date back to early America and are still thriving today. Richmond is obviously a shining example of that but it even predates the American Revolution. It was an early British colony and there are hundreds of monuments throughout the city explaining its past.

So many of America’s pivotal moments happened here and you’ll be able to appreciate them throughout your everyday life. Regardless of what part of the city you live in, you’ll see monuments and historical markers on your day to work, near your favorite coffee shops, and even in the neighborhood park you’ll use to stretch your legs. 

History Is Still Being Made

It’s not all old news here in Richmond. As a history buff yourself you already know this, but Richmond is the capital of the state. All the major legislation is happening here and it’ll all be part of how Americans look back at the state for decades to come. The Virginia General Assembly has been functioning since 1619 and there are no plans for that to stop. 

Richmond lives on as an Independent City. Depending on where in the U.S. you are from,this might be something you aren’t family with. In short, most Independent Cities are actually in Virginia and all it means is that there is no county the city is in.

In a literal sense, an Independent City serves as both a city and county. In a metaphorical sense, it is just one more example of the strong and free spirit the city has had since its inception.

American Civil War Museum

While the need for a civil war is not a proud moment in our nation’s history, it is something never to forget. This is also obvious to history buffs, but not only was Richmond in Confederacy territory – it was the capital of the entire Confederacy and the home of the White House of the Confederacy. 

History buffs looking to learn more about that period of history will absolutely love the American Civil War Museum which is home to thousands of photographs, objects and exhibits all which give new perspective on one of the most defining times for Virginia and America as a whole.

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