What is ポップアップ?

Advertisements have become the most productive way of promoting a product of a company. In digital media different forms of advertisement and campaigns are used for creating awareness of an issue. In the same way, nowadays we can also get to see different forms of advertisements while using the internet. The online forms of advertising that are used on the World Wide Web are known as ポップアップ or pop-ups in English. A pop-up normally appears suddenly in the foreground of a visual interface. This graphical user interface appears as a small window on our computer or mobile screen.  The JavaScript generates these different types of advertisements that are contained in a pop-up. Other security holes can also generate the ポップアップ in browser security. 

While appearing a pop-up always generates a new browser window under the active one and often makes it hard for a user to determine which website created them. It is only during the close of a covering window that the user gets interrupted by them but not immediately. 

A Brief Overview

During the late 1990s, these pop-ups appeared for the first time on a webpage hosting site known as Tripod.com. The capability for a popup to be opened on a new window was provided by JavaScript. These popups, according to Ethan Zuckerman, were initially created as a way to solve the problems of customers who complained about their advertisements appearing on the sites that contained adult content. 

Blocking Popups

As most of the popups nowadays appear to be malicious or are found to affect the computer system, people generally tend to avoid communication with these online forms of advertisements. In fact, many websites and browsers have come up with the feature of Popup or adblocker that helps a user block these popups appearing on a webpage. This service was initially started by the Opera browser. Later Mozilla also came up with this feature and now almost every modern browsers have this feature or comes with the option of ad filtering that blocks all the pop-ups which appear to open from third-party sites. 

Complex Options

Most people tend to avoid these pop-ups which appear on their computer or mobile screen. They simply click on the close or cancel button to get rid of these advertisements. However, the makers of these pop-ups have come up with a complex but unique solution to counter this problem which most of us do not like. As some authors of pop-up ads depend on this, they have managed to create buttons or options that look similar to the cancel or close buttons. But on clicking on these options another window or pop-up gets generated and sometimes unwanted files or software gets downloaded into a computer system. 

Why are Pop-ups Used?

There is no denying that popups are controversial. The creator of these online forms of advertisements has publicly apologized for it. Although most of the pop-ups are avoided as they create a disturbance in the minds of users, if they are made properly and effectively, they can sometimes create a different and fruitful result. 

Many customers rely on the ポップアップ to create brand awareness of their product and to increase the rate of engagement on their websites. These popups are different from the normal ones that we come across in our daily lives while we use the internet and are more aesthetic and creative in nature. 

Functions of Pop-ups

Besides helping to increase the traffic rate to marketing leads, modern popups are designed in such a manner that it helps to provide the functions mentioned below-

Getting More Subscribers- in many cases, some websites have a lot of subscribers but they fail to communicate with them and also fail to create the brand value that they want to. The popup subscription form that appears on these sites whenever a user visits them does the trick here. The individual can put his email address in this subscription form. This helps to create a bond or a relationship between the site owner or operator and his clients via email and also helps in the journey of both individuals simultaneously. 

Promotion of Contents- Content is a major aspect of any product and for that, a definite customer base is always necessary. The popups help to identify these customers and give them the knowledge or information about the product and site that were searching for. It also helps to showcase the expertise of the provider in a particular field and also helps in solving problems. In short, one of the most important reasons why these popups are generated is basically to create leads or promotion of a site. Even some people use popups that come with the feature of targeting users from certain demography or geographic location as per their choice. 

Bonus Rate Reduction- This option is used only when a user appears to leave a particular site or close the tab. In such cases, the sites use these types of popups where that ask the visitors to leave their email ids or any other details for future communications. 

Every feature has its own positive and negative aspects. However, before using or creating a popup, an individual should keep these two vital points in mind- proper timing for use of these online advertisements and avoid its over-usage. 

Timing is always a key component in everything that a person does and this is no exception. Making a popup is not enough as the creator should also know when and where to use it properly to get the best possible results. Many attractive and appealing design layouts are provided by popup builders nowadays along with a variety of texts and color options. A person can choose those options which appear to be the most suitable for him and his site. Besides, he should avoid overusing them as the internet users already have a sour experience when it comes to these forms of online advertisements and one does not want to belong to that category. 

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