5 Different Watch batteries And How to Choose Them

5 Different Watch batteries And How to Choose Them

The invention and evolution of watches have been one of the most outstanding achievements of humankind. Initially, watches were used to keep track of time make it an alarm clock or compass. Usually, these watches work on batteries. There are different watch batteries available in the market, making it quite challenging to choose the right one.

Moreover, watch batteries are determined by a part of standards and codes. The different combinations of these codes and standards are used to identify the right battery for your watch and its compatible models.

Usually, every timepiece has its specific battery requirement, which can be identified with the help of the numbers engraved on the original batteries that come with your watch. Once you check all the details if your watch. You can search the web and find out which battery will be suitable for your requirement. Then use our guide to buy one for your watch.

However, if there is no specific requirement, you can choose any battery from the five common types mentioned below.

Types of Watch Batteries

Scrolling down is the list of five common types of batteries used in watches.

Lithium Batteries

  • Lithium batteries are small but very powerful.
  • They come with a capacity of 3 volts, which is the highest.
  • They have a lifespan of about 10 years when used with low-drain watches.
  • These batteries can be used in watches with lights as well as energy draining.
  • These features make lithium batteries ideal for watches.

Alkaline Batteries

  • Alkaline batteries are one of the most well-known types of watch batteries.
  • These batteries are reliable as well as cheap.
  • However, alkaline batteries will only last for a few months,
  • This means that you will have to keep changing the battery again and again.
  • You will have to keep investing in the watch battery frequently.

Mercury Batteries

  • Mercury Batteries are generally smaller than lithium batteries.
  • They come with a capacity of 1.36 volts.
  • Its endurance is comparable to that of alkaline batteries, with more steady voltage.
  • Mercury batteries have more extended durability.
  • However, make sure to dispose of them properly since mercury is extremely toxic.
  • Besides, mercury batteries are banned in some places.

Solar Batteries

  • Solar Batteries are powered by the sunlight that reaches the batteries through the watch face.
  • They are eco-friendly and reliable.
  • Solar cells do not contain any harmful chemicals, so solar batteries’ disposal is not a concern.
  • Besides, the best part is that you don’t have to replace them.

Silver Oxide Batteries

  • The silver oxides watch batteries have a high performance and excellent storage capacity.
  • Moreover, it comes with a 1.62-volt capacity, which is similar to the mercury’s consistent voltage.
  • Since silver oxide battery contains silver, as the name suggests, they are quite expensive.

How to Choose the Right Watch Battery?

When you buy a watch, it will come with an original attached battery. However, if the battery runs out of capacity, you can quickly know which battery to buy following these steps.

  • Turn your watch upside down and use jewelry screwdrivers to remove all the screws.
  • You can find the battery at the back.
  • The battery will look like a small, silver disc with numbers engraved on it.
  • You might have to use a magnifying glass to see the engraved numbers.
  • These numbers will indicate the set of codes and standards used to choose the right type of watch battery.

How to Make the Most Out of Your Watch Battery?

If you want to make your watch batteries last longer, make sure to keep the following things in mind.

  • Make sure to turn off the special features when not using them.
  • Don’t use the Night-Mode during the daytime.
  • Remember to turn off the alarm when not needed.

Key Take-Away

All in all, make sure that you choose the right battery for your timepiece not to compromise its integrity. Though most watch batteries can be used interchangeably, it is advisable to use the one your manufacturer specifies. Since watch batteries are very small, make sure to keep them out of reach of children. Once you are done using them, ensure to dispose the battery responsibly. Thank you for reading!

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