Life is often quite stressful, isn’t it? Most people tend to take the world lightly, thinking it doesn’t do much damage, but that is completely wrong. Prolonged stress can result in several physical and mental health-related issues, which in turn, affect our daily activities as well. So, what do you think? Isn’t managing stress really important? How do you manage it? There are many different ways of relieving stress, but gaming will always be on top of the list. There are many misconceptions about gaming, like how it promotes violence and is a huge waste of time. This article will discuss how games are a great way to reduce stress and improve health.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re doing your favorite activity, like watching a TV show or drawing, you don’t think about anything else? Like you are completely focusing on the task at hand. It might not sound that interesting, but hear me out, okay? Staying in the complete focus zone prevents us from overthinking or worrying about the past or future, effectively reducing our stress levels considerably. Playing a game like an MMO, completing small quests and missions helps achieve that sense of zone or flow state. What’s more, it doesn’t feel like a chore, and you’re enjoying yourself too.

I mentioned the small quests in MMOs before, and how they help us relax, right? Let me get deeper into that. Playing games can also act as a great source of motivation. How do you ask? Sometimes achieving even the smallest tasks proves to be quite difficult and can serve as a huge disappointment. Here is where games come, as completing small tasks like killing monsters or delivering something can help gain that sense of achievement. This is key to relaxing, staying motivates, and moving forward. Many successful people like Elon Musk play games in their free time. Why? It’s simple, a tired mind makes several mistakes, so staying stress-free is really important.

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Have you ever felt really happy after performing your favorite activity? Yeah, that’s due to the release of dopamine or the happiness hormone. Non-gamers always wonder what is so good about gaming? Each activity ranging from killing monsters to growing crops and even unlocking champions induces happiness and pleasure in our brain. As we grow older, our life becomes more robotic every day. Just think about it, we wake up at a set time, eat breakfast, get ready to go to work, and as the day ends, we come back, eat and then sleep – a pretty robotic routine if you ask me. Although discipline is essential in life, one cannot maintain discipline without relaxing and feeling Happy. The euphoric feeling gained from gaming can tremendously reduce everyday stress, allowing us to complete our daily tasks efficiently.

Another fantastic thing about gaming is that it promotes creativity. How? Let me explain. Our brain has two sides or hemispheres; The left brain and the right brain. Each side performs different activities, like the left brain is more logical and analytical, whereas the right brain is more creative. Usually, our work or even studies involve the usage of the logical and fact-oriented side, meaning our right brain gets neglected. How is that bad? In 2020, the pandemic caused us to holt all of our daily activities like work and school. Most people didn’t perform any tasks that involved the usage of their left brain, which resulted in increased difficulty in the performance of basic tasks later on. Do you get what I’m saying now? Gaming keeps our right brain in use, as we find creative ways to finish our tasks and think less about how correct it may be. Also, know fun trivia.

Furthermore, it’s true that gaming has many benefits, but those benefits can only be attained within a set limit. Everything we do, even drinking water has its limit, which if crossed can cause serious damage to our body. Similarly, gaming should be kept at a certain limit to achieve a stress-free mind. Gaming also requires a lot of dedication at times, but you can get a lot of help from Eldorado in terms of currency, like Warframe Platinum, items, and even accounts of your favorite games. So, will you be gaming from now on?

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