Tips To Make Your OEM Operations More Eco-friendly

Tips To Make Your OEM Operations More Eco-friendly

The manufacturing industry accounts for a significant portion of the economy, with new product lines being developed on a daily basis. However, considering the industry’s size, it’s unsurprising that these enterprises can have a negative impact on the environment.

Companies are working out innovative ways to construct green manufacturing plants to retain people and maintain job satisfaction high, with roughly 315 million manufacturing workers worldwide.

Whether your factory emits harmful smoke or your monthly energy expenses are skyrocketing, there are steps you may do to cut costs. Here are some helpful hints for making your manufacturing activities more environmentally friendly.

1. Recycle And Re-Use Your Waste

While some garbage, such as dangerous chemicals, cannot be reused, there are several manufacturing industries in which you may appropriately dispose of your company’s waste.

Cardboard and paper, for example, can both be recycled or reused to create packaging for your own products. Additionally, any unwanted glass you use in high-quality bottle manufacturing can be recycled, reducing the quantity of waste sent to landfills by your firm. If you have a large 220v solenoid valve manufacturing firm, investing in a recycling machine can be an excellent option.

Although these can be costly, they will help your firm produce less trash, which may be a determining factor for eco-conscious customers who are contemplating buying with you.

2. Perform Frequent Energy Audits

To power their activities and manufacture the items we consume on a daily basis such as hand sanitizer, all manufacturing enterprises require large amounts of electrical energy. However, with global energy planning strategies in place, it’s critical that we all take actions to minimize our energy consumption in order to save our world.

While many businesses must use resources in some capacity, such as lighting and your premises or powering machines, there are ways to reduce the amount you consume by doing energy audits on a regular basis.

These inspections are being used to track how much energy is consumed in each work zone, or even a single piece of equipment, so that you may compile the data into an action plan to become more energy-efficient.

3. Choose Eco-Friendly Partners

In order to get raw materials and parts, most firms will need to deal with other businesses, and the manufacturing industry is no exception. Using environmentally responsible partners, whether you work with a packaging company or acquire machinery and equipment from others, is a significant method to make your company more eco-friendly.

Although this may necessitate a reorganization of operations, it is undoubtedly one of the most significant decisions you can make in terms of establishing an environmentally conscious firm. It could be as simple as moving your packaging supplier to one that uses recycled materials or switching to a green energy provider that emphasizes the use of renewable energy.

4. Digitize Internal Communication

You are not only saving tons of paper each year, but you are also improving your entire operations more effectively by making all internal communication 100 percent digital.
Operational efficiency is improved by better communication. Real-time mobile communication is also becoming more popular as a means of enabling frontline production workers.

Employees may collaborate with their peers, managers, and even machines via mobile-first communication solutions. This also rebrands industrial plants as green, technologically advanced plants, attracting the attention of the next generation of workers, the millennials.

5. Generate Clean Energy

Heat pumps increase in temperature when compressed and decrease in temperature when extended, and they move heat from high to low temperatures. Heat pumps employ unused heat in air or water as a heat source to compress or decompress a coolant to raise or lower its temperature.

Heat pumps have long been used in air conditioners, water heaters, and other common appliances to extract energy from ambient air or ambient water while producing no emissions, but they should now also be employed in manufacturing processes that require hot water.

6. Use Energy-Efficient Equipment

Recent advancements in manufacturing technology also resulted in the creation of incredibly energy-efficient machinery. The advantages of this new and upgraded environmentally friendly manufacturing equipment are not only for the environment but also for your firm, as its efficiency and productivity will improve.

To support and participate in the Green movement, new enterprises might invest in environmentally friendly machines from the start. Green machinery can even be purchased at a discount, and many manufacturers offer special offers and discounts.

Aside from that, many governments provide incentives for green factories, and you’ll save money on energy and waste.


Making your manufacturing firm more environmentally friendly may appear to be a daunting task, but with the above-detailed advice, you’ll be well on your way to lowering your environmental footprint and being a more sustainable organization in no time.

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