The Most Expensive Timepiece: Rolex Daytona

The Most Expensive Timepiece: Rolex Daytona

Rolex is a well-known watchmaker who needs no introduction as it has been making unique timepieces for years and still is known to be the number one luxury watchmaker.  Whether it is deep down in the ocean, racing on the ground , flying high in the sky or jumping from the edge of the space, Rolex always be the constant ally of his owner and introduced numerous versions of awesome timepieces, Some says it is expensive but the professional knows that it is not something you get what you pay, but it is something better than that what you pay as it worth the money. And one of the special edition of Rolex of all the time and world’s Most Expensive timepiece is the Daytona timepiece.

The Daytona Racing Track

The Daytona name is inspired from the one of the world’s best racing track when Rolex is assigned to be the official timepiece keeper of the racing which was being done on the Daytona International Speedway, to honor the overall racing event and its relationship with America, it introduced a New timepiece named as Cosmograph Daytona, one of the robust timepiece in the history, It was inspired by the Matlock the racer oyster Rolex watch.

The tagline of the timepiece is that it is born, it is made for racing, for the speed lovers. The real sports timepiece with extreme level of functionality and more accurate than any other sport watch in this range.

The Daytona series has many versions and one of the top models is the Paul New man Daytona, yes it is the world’s most expensive timepiece when it was sold at auction.

In how much was the Paul Newman’s timepiece sold?

Rolex Daytona

The original Paul Newman’s Daytona was sold in almost 17 million dollars at the auction, which makes it the world’s most expensive timepiece at that time. In fact, this timepiece was a gift from the paul’s lovely wife Joanne. And for a professional race driver, what’s more than a best gift like Daytona timepiece which is born for the person who has a passion for driving and is speed-lover.

Newman’s models can be purchased in almost 1 lakh dollars, a basic one which is not an affordable price for some people, but it really worth the price and designed for someone who can own it. This make you feel that you are wearing something valuable on your wrist , something which is ideal in all aspect and with a minimalistic look, it gives your outfit a touch of rich heritage and decency.

The entry-level Rolex Daytona can be purchased within a range of 18-20 thousand dollars.

Varieties of Daytona Watches:

Since it first launched, this timepiece is kept modernizing even and even more into innovation keeping the traditional touch of optimal accuracy. The wristwatches in this collection can be found in steel, gold, and silver. While the Gold plated models are more expensive and will cost you more than thirty thousand dollars . Daytona contains many versions variegated in colors, styles, and internal mechanisms. But the technology is the same.

The range also includes some exclusively limited versions featuring unique features like chronographs and tourbillon.

One of the most famous versions of this timepiece is the Cosmograph the classical one. It is when Rolex introduced to the world one of the most accurate and robust timepiece.

Does Daytona worth the money?

When it comes to the timepiece which is optimal and is rich in functionality, we always happen to see a Rolex timepiece.

The above-mentioned range of luxury watch is not just a timepiece the represents how valuable ist it, but basically it presents that the value of the person wearing it. A special thing for a special person that what this timepiece is all about.

It is totally a safe investment to buy a Daytona, it has high resale value, one of its version the Newman’s original timepiece was sold at 17millions dollars which represents the factor that it has a huge reselling price.

The question is in your mind is that it is really worth buying an expensive Rolex Watch while you can buy something more from this type of amount, let me answer this. People don’t buy these luxury watches because of its reselling value or because it is expensive, In fact, these watches are popular because of their unique features and it overall enhances your look and optimize your personality, So you can walk confidently and it reflects your sense of buying and wearing luxury things.

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