Confused About Rummy? Know All the Rummy Game Rules and Terms

Confused About Rummy? Know All the Rummy Game Rules and Terms

Online rummy has taken India by storm. Thousands of people log in to rummy websites and apps every day. Rummy cash games and tournaments are not just highly entertaining but they also give participants the chance to win loads of money. Have you been bitten by the rummy bug yet?

A lot of people who are new to rummy harbour the misconception that rummy is a complicated card game. It is not difficult, but there are quite a few rummy game rules. You need to familiarize yourself with the rummy rules. Once you have grasped the rummy game rules, you’ll realize that winning a match isn’t as hard as you thought.

To help you out, we will explain the fundamental rummy game rules.

The basics of rummy

At the core, rummy rules are practically the same across all the different versions of rummy. So, don’t worry, you don’t have to learn the rummy game rules afresh every time you pick up a new version of rummy.

Let us look at the ground rummy game rules and in the process, you’ll also become familiar with many rummy terms.

The rummy deck

Any version of rummy is played with the standard 52-card deck that contains the printed joker. The number of decks used as well as the number of printed jokers per deck depends on the version of rummy you are playing. For example, 2 decks each with 2 printed jokers are used in 13 cards rummy, whereas rummy game rules of the 21 cards version require 3 decks each with 1 printed joker. 

The 52 cards are divided into four suits – Spades, Diamonds, Hearts and Clubs. In each suit, there are 13 cards. And, nine of these cards are ranked from 2 to 10. The four remaining cards are Ace, Jack, Queen and King and each of the cards is assigned 10 points. 

The jokers

Jokers are an important part of rummy game rules. In rummy, there are two types of jokers. As we explained earlier, rummy is played with printed jokers (called funtoosh joker in 21 cards rummy). The second type of joker is the cut joker. Once all the players are dealt their cards, one card is randomly chosen from the remaining cards and placed face-up. This is the cut joker (or sterling joker in 21 cards rummy). And, all the cards of the same rank from the other suits also become cut jokers. 

In case of 21 cards rummy, there are yet more joker cards! The card from the same suit as the sterling joker but exactly one rank up is the upper joker or paplu. Similarly, the card of the same suit but one rank below the sterling joker is the lower joker or nichlu. 

According to rummy game rules, you can use any joker card to take the pace of a card that you don’t have when completing a sequence or set (except pure sequences).

Sequences and sets

As per rummy game rules, a match  can be won only when you have arranged all your cards into valid sequences and sets. 

A sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It can be pure (formed without a joker card) or impure (formed with a joker card). 

A set is a group of three or more cards of the same rank from different suits. A set too can be pure or impure.

Rummy game rules regarding how to arrange your hand

Rummy game rules do vary from one version to another. Even though the basic rummy rules are the same, there are specifics you need to remember that pertain to the different versions. To win 13 cards rummy or any of its sub-variants, you need to produce one pure sequence, one impure sequence, one pure set and the rest of the cards can be arranged into any series of sequences and sets.

But, to win a round of 21 cards rummy, according to rummy game rules, you will need to produce any of the following:

  • Three pure sequences
  • A group of eight jokers
  • Eight dublees in eight groups (Dublee: Two cards of the same rank and suit.)
  • Three tanalas in three groups (Tanala: Three cards of the same rank and suit.)
  • Two marriage sets (Marriage: If you have all three of sterling joker, paplu and nichlu, then you have a marriage hand. Three paplus and three nichlus can also form valid marriage hands.)


Once you have arranged the cards in your hand, you can declare. After declaring, you will have to complete the melding or grouping process. If validation finds that you have arranged your cards as per the rummy game rules, then you will be declared the winner. 


Rummy game rules allow you to leave the game if you feel that the hand you have been dealt is bad and you cannot possibly win. According to rummy rules, there are two types of drops – initial drop (you drop on your first turn) and middle drop (you drop anytime past your first turn).

Rummy game rules stipulate that there will be a penalty for dropping.

Once you start playing, the rummy game rules and points system will become clearer. Play free rummy with freeroll chips by registering on Adda52Rummy. Hone your skills and get the chance to win huge cash rewards. 

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