OTT Full Form | Latest Update | Over-The-Top What’s New

OTT Full Form | Latest Update | Over-The-Top What’s New

The full form of OTT is Over-The-Top. This term is related to the delivery of different contents, including movies and other television programmes, over the internet rather than through a traditional means of cable or broadcast provider.

In other words or to put it in simple form OTT means any internet-driven streaming service of different programmes including entertainment content. To define OTT, it is the system under which the service is delivered or made available “over the top” of another platform.

Some Examples of OTTs

The term OTT mainly implies subscription-based video-on-demand (SVoD) services. The SVoD allows the subscriber to view the film and other television programmes.

It also includes content related to television soap or serials taken from other producers and original content produced specifically for the OTT service. The OTT services can be availed using television sets, laptops, desktops and smartphones.

A special feature of OTT is that it rides on top of the pre-existing internet connection. To exemplify, some of the very popular OTT platforms or services are Netflix, HBO, YouTube/YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, SlingTV and Hulu.

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OTT Provides Freedom of Viewing

The OTT gives the freedom to the subscribers of this service to view the programmes that they want or allows viewers to pay only for the entertainment content they are targeting. The OTT has been designed to benefit the target audience directly.

Basically, the OTT allows one to have full control over the programmes and content. Thus it gives you complete freedom in selecting the brand, theme and user experience.

Under the traditional cable system, this benefit is not given to the audience as they cannot be selective in their options for programmes. The cable gives you a whole lot of programmes. One has to select which one they want to view. But under the OTT, only selected programmes can be accessed by the viewers.

The Advantages of OTT

Under the OTT platforms, one gets the benefit of viewing programmes using different modes and not necessarily by the television only. Subsequently, one can view his or her choicest programmes even while travelling.

The internet-based programmes can be accessed using such modes as tablets and mobile phones. They also have the benefit of “App Switching” which enables them to control programmes or the content they choose to purchase and watch.


OTT is related to media services. The concerned media provides its service directly to viewers through the help of Internet. Subsequently, it bypasses cable, broadcast, and satellite television platforms.

Typically, the OTT platforms are the companies or outfits that act both as controllers or distributors of such content. The OTT go “over” a cable box to give the user direct access to TV programmes or content.

FAQ  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: What are the popular entertainment channels that I can see with the help of OTT?

Answer: One can use OTT to view a large number of programmes. In can be used to watch such programme sites as Netflix, HBO, YouTube/YouTube Red, Amazon Prime, SlingTV and Hulu, among others.

Question: Can one view advertisements using OTT platforms?

Answer: Yes, one can view advertisement-based video-on-demand or AVOD. A large number of advertisements are available and can be accessed free-to-watch contents using the AVOD system of OTTs.

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Question: Can one view programmes without advertisements? 

Answer: Yes, this is possible. The OTT enables you to view ad-free contents. It controls advertisements and may exclude advertisements if one does not want to view them.

Question: Is it a paid service?

Answer: Yes, it is a paid service. It is known as Subscription Video-on-Demand or SDOD. In simple language, it means Subscription of OTT. The users have a paid subscription to access the streaming.

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