Ingenious Ways To Make Incredible Use Of Your Old Phone Sitting In The Cabinets

Ingenious Ways To Make Incredible Use Of Your Old Phone Sitting In The Cabinets

With advanced technology, a smartphone is not that different from a computer. It can perform almost all the things you can do using your computer or laptop. Whether you decide to make a video conference, chat, call, set a reminder, etc., you can do many things using this multipurpose device. However, we all allure towards trending new phones introduced in the market and forget the old ones. But just because your phone is old doesn’t mean it has less value. The old Android phones you are thinking of throwing away can be repurposed if you follow some of our creative tips. Thus, it is also a great way to save some dollar bills.

Check out some of our innovative tips to help you use your old smartphone.

Security Camera

Why waste tons of money on buying webcams when you can reuse your old phone as a security camera. Yes, you heard it right! If you have an old phone sitting in your drawers, you can use it to monitor any place you want using a third-party application. These dated devices can help you keep an eye on your house, office, locker room, etc., by preventing mishaps from happening. You can use these devices as motion detectors, video, and audio recorders. Just download any free webcam apps and follow the instructions that help you peek through your mobile lens using a compatible browser.

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Gaming Device

Do you wish to enjoy playing exclusive games at NetBet that offers you a thrilling gaming experience? Sure, you can, using your old android phone. If you have an extra Android phone lying in the house, you can transform it into a dedicated gaming system. All you need is a phone with ample internal memory or an expandable memory card slot. Thus, you can successfully transform your old phone into a portable gaming system to enjoy games of your choice. It enables you to save a lot of money, which you would have spent buying an Xbox 360 or Nintendo DS.


Are you tired of switching your phone from car to using it for your personal use? We understand how annoying it gets when you get a phone call while trying to figure out your destination while driving your car. Now, we have a permanent solution for your worries. Fix your old phone permanently on your car dashboard to help you navigate through the roads. Yes, you can repurpose your old phone by transforming it into a permanent GPS device that stays forever in your car. Thus, it will help you not to get disturbed getting any phone calls or messages while driving. All you need is a double-port car charger and a phone holder to fix your phone to the car.

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Free Up Storage Space

With the help of your old phone, you can now free up the storage space of your new phone. Transfer all your favorite songs, photos, videos, and other necessary and unnecessary data to your old phone. However, now with so much free space in your new phone. You can use it to play some incredible and engaging games at, a gaming platform to help you feel excited while you are feeling bored. Now, while using your old phone, you may not need to worry about how many new or old songs you are adding to the playlist. Moreover, to maximize your fun mood, you can connect your old phone with an external speaker.

Your old phone can save a lot of money. However, you can also use your old phone to set the alarm, use it as an e-reader, desk calendar, and many more.

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