Most Popular Online Casino Games Around the World

Most Popular Online Casino Games Around the World

Casino Games

The casino industry was always thriving, simply due to the fact that people enjoy having fun. But ever since its migration to the online world, the gambling industry started expressing double-digit growth. This is no surprise as shifting online provided the chance to attract more customers and expand the reach.

However, the fact that there were many more eyes on casinos brought forth the need to reshape their offer. The fact is that a modern consumer gets bored fairly easily. That’s why casinos now had to come up with a way to make some of the favorite casino games more engaging.

That said, here are some of the most popular online casino games as well as some new twists brought to these all-time favorites.

Poker-based casino games

Many people associate poker with casinos by default. And since poker is one of the oldest casino games, we can understand why. Simply put, poker can be quite enjoyable for players of all caliber. That said, poker nowadays has so many variations that it can easily be treated as a gaming genre. In the online realm, there are three major categories of poker – video poker, live poker and electronic poker. No matter which one of them you choose, you’re bound to have a great time. And with additional variations, such as Texas Hold Em’, Pai Gow and 3 Card Poker, you are guaranteed to find something that matches your playing style.


Blackjack is a well-loved casino game that found its place in the online realm. Even though blackjack is not everyone’s favorite, the results show that it boasts quite an admirable following online. The most recent results show that almost 31% of online table game players are actually playing blackjack. This game promises neat payouts while allowing you to rely on your skill, and not just luck. So, it’s really not so surprising that it managed to gather such a huge audience. Additionally, most online casinos offer their players to try out the free play mode, thus encouraging them to give the casino a try.


Roulette is, of course, yet another casino game that is well-liked. Actually, to be more precise, almost 24% of online players choose to indulge in a round of roulette. Unlike the brick-and-mortar alternative, online roulette can’t really be rigged in favor of the casino. So, it’s safe to say that online roulette promises better results in terms of fair play. The payouts are, of course, quite decent. Furthermore, roulette is another casino game that features plenty of variety in the online world. What’s even more fun is the option to choose whether a player wants to try their luck against the house or a live dealer. All of these factors contribute to an excellent user experience.

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Slot-based casino games

Just like poker, slot games are another type of casino games that almost became a genre of their own. Since they’re so easy to play – yet offer plenty of fun, it comes as a no surprise so many players enjoy them. With plenty of varieties on the market, every player will surely find something that works for them. For instance, if you’ve already tried the majority of online slot games, you can check out the ever-so-popular Pachinko. This Japanese variant of slots was very popular in its country of origin. However, as soon as it went online, the rest of the world couldn’t resist it either. It’s quite easy to learn how to play slots which is why so many people enjoy it.


Another extremely popular card game – Baccarat, also found its place online. Now, the popularity of this game heavily depends on the region. For instance, in the US, Australia and Canada around 9% of all players prefer Baccarat, or Punto Banco – to be more precise. However, in Macau, this number reaches a staggering 90%. Here, players can easily find online casinos that offer the side-bet option as well as other advantages. Since the outcome of this game depends heavily on luck, it’s certainly not everyone’s favorite. That said, those who love it seem to enjoy it quite a bit.


Last but certainly not least is craps. And yes – you can now enjoy this dice game online as well. There are plenty of online casinos that offer craps to online players. Of course, since this game is somewhat unique in its nature, there are also plenty of variants of it. You can, for instance, join a live stream of craps and play against other people or you can try your luck against the house. Either way, even this game made its way online and is well-enjoyed around the globe.

These were just some of the most popular casino games. There are plenty of other titles and genres you can easily find online. That said, every single player will be able to find something that suits their gaming style.

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