Know various kinds of anabolic steroids for muscle growth

Know various kinds of anabolic steroids for muscle growth

Anabolic steroids for muscle growth are a great alternative for people who have a deficiency of certain natural steroids in their bodies. Steroids synthesis in the body helps develop muscle strength and the oncoming of puberty in one’s body. Anyone may be a great aspiring spokesperson but don’t have the muscle strength to compete with other players due to some hormone issues. For them, steroids for muscle growth is an amazing option. Let’s read about the type of steroids and their ways of consumption in detail. Also, we will focus on how steroids help in muscle growth.

Types of steroids available in the market

There are generally two classes of steroids present in the market:

  • Anabolic steroids
  • Corticosteroid

But when we talk about steroids for muscle growth, anabolic steroids are the ones that are used for building muscles and gaining muscle mass. They are taken as a supplement to increase the levels of testosterone in the body. Mainly, they are consumed by people who suffer from deficiency of this hormone in their body. Testosterone is a hormone commonly related to the male body. It is also synthesised in the bodies of females but in a very low amount.

Types of consumption for muscle growth

You can consume anabolic steroids for muscle growth in a variety of ways as they are present in the market for sale in a variety of forms. You can consume them as:

  • Tablets
  • Pills
  • Liquids
  • Lotions
  • Creams
  • Nasal sprays
  • Inhalers

Not all of them come in different forms. Tablets, pills and liquids together are used by people when needed for oral consumption. Similarly, the lotions and creams come into another category of consumption of steroids. Let’s read about all the consumption methods in detail.

Oral consumption steroids

These are the most common types of steroids available in the market. They come in the form of tablets, capsules, pills and liquids that are to be consumed orally by the consumer. These kinds of steroids for muscle growth are the most effective in cases where someone faces any deficiency in testosterone. They are also easily available, hence anyone can easily find them in markets if prescribed for consumption by doctors.

Some common oral steroids:

  • Dianabol(methandrostenolone, methandienone (INN) or methandienone (BAN))
  • Oxandrin (oxandrolone)

Steroid injections

Steroid injections do the job of treating serious health issues as well. They help in strengthening your muscles in case you face any serious health issues regarding muscles. They are also prescribed by doctors in cases where treatment of arthritis, joint pain, tendon inflammation, etc are needed. But you should always take the help of any health professional while taking them. You should not try injecting them into your body on your own. You should also check the formula and composition of every steroid injection before buying them.

Some common injecting steroids

  • Deca-Durabolin (deca for short) (nandrolonedecanoate)
  • Equipoise (Equi for short) (boldenoneundecylenate)
  • Depo-Testosterone (testosterone propionate)

Here are some mentioned steroids that help in muscle gain

Here are some steroids that are the most preferred choice when it is to muscle gain and fat loss. They are the most popular anabolic steroids amongst people who want to go for anabolic steroids for muscle gain. They are worth mentioning as most of the preferred anabolic steroids are stacked with them.

  • Clenbuterol
  • Cytomel or T3

Clenbuterol- Fat burning steroid

Clenbuterol is also known as Clen. It comes under the class of bronchodilator. This means that it helps in the dilation of air passages that make their path to the lungs. Clen is used by health experts for prescribing them to individuals who suffer from breathing problems such as asthma.

Many people like aspiring athletes and bodybuilders use these steroids to burn their body fat and gain muscle strength and mass. Clen is not just a steroid, but it is also a popular drug in the category of performance uplifting supplements. They are also often used legally without even a prescription.

How clean works to enhance your muscle strength?

Clen works on a mechanism which is known as thermogenesis. This refers to the process of triggering the cells in the body to release an adequate amount of heat. In cases where the body temperature is increased, the metabolism rate increases. This in return burns more fat from your body and the rate of absorption of nutrients increases. At last, it helps in improving muscle strength. The whole mechanism of thermogenesis requires a high amount of energy and this forces you to consume more food. Still, the extra food is used in the process and nothing is stored as fat.

Cytomel- enhances metabolic rate

T3 or Cytomel has evolved as a famous steroid in the world of sports and bodybuilding. This helps in fat loss as it helps in speeding up the metabolic process of your body.

How does cytomel help?

Those who have health issues like hypothyroidism leads to having a slower metabolism rate. People with hypothyroidism retain fat very easily and it becomes quite hard for them to lose body fat. This issue of hypothyroidism will be treated in them through small doses of Cytomel so that the metabolism can return to a normal level.

Some tips regarding consumption of the steroids

There are no side effects of steroids when you strictly follow the guidelines laid by your health expert when they prescribe you artificial steroids. The same goes for the doses they have advised you in a day. Always stick to the doses and do not overdose. Here are some other safety tips you must consider.

  • Use artificial anabolic steroids for muscle growth only when it is needed.
  • Try to use the steroids injection on specific parts of the body where it has been instructed to you.
  • Do not buy cheap steroids from the market. Buy steroids only from authentic brands.
  • Always consult your doctor before starting with artificial anabolic steroids
  • Try to go for a minimum dosage of anabolic steroids for your muscle mass enhancement.
  • You should stop consuming steroids after you have gained certain muscle strength.
  • Continue taking multivitamin capsules and vitamin d extras for strengthening your bones.

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