What are the full forms of JSW?

What are the full forms of JSW?

JSW: Full Form | Latest Updates 2021 | JSW Jindal South West (Group)

The initials or acronyms JSW stands for Jindal South West (Group). The JSW is a well-diversified company engaged in different tiers of business. These sectors or tiers of business include Steel, Infrastructure, Energy, Mining, Software, Ventures, and Cement.

JSW was founded in 1982 by Sajjan Jindal. He greatly supported the concept of sustainable development of India as he believed the welfare of the mass of the people in the country hinged on it. Sajjan Jindal is also a philanthropist.

JSW Known For Executing Projects Successfully As Per Schedule

The total size of JSW in money terms stands currently at US$ 13 billion. It is one of the most famous business conglomerates of India. The company promotes different socio-cultural activities and sports events. It also promotes the protection and preservation of Indian heritage sites all across the country.

The JSW Group is known for successfully completing mega-corporate plans. This got reflected in establishing its history of executing capital-intensive & technically complex projects in diverse fields including power generation and construction projects.

The JSW achieved these projects with the help of its differentiated product mix, state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, expertise, experience, and a greater focus on the timely delivery of projects for sustainable economic growth. This capability also helped JSW to establish its reputation of being a company valuing its work schedule.

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JSW Has Vast Workforce With Diverse Geographies, Culture

The JSW is one of the Indian companies known for having to utilize the manpower and technical talents belonging to different geographies, languages,s, and very diverse socio-cultural backgrounds. The manpower of JSW Group with these features is spread across India, the USA, Europe, and Africa.

The JSW Group currently employs 40,000 people directly thus emerging as one of the largest single employers in the country. It is an employee valuing company and known for having very high rate of employee retention rate.

JSW Aims At Empowering the People

The JSW believes in empowering the people, particularly the local people. The company uses this empowerment as a major tool for socio-economic development. That is why it always recruits those people who are located in or around the plants and facilities of production of the company.

This philosophy of JSW Group has helped it execute the projects right in a scheduled time and also providing economic benefit to the local people. The company even makes the local people major stakeholders of the company.

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The Conclusion

The central point of JSW or core business value of the company is to accelerate economic growth and prosperity for all through innovating, building, and transforming. The diversification programs of JSW are also based on these three major factors.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question: How old is JSW? In which was JSW founded?

Answer: The JSW was founded in the year 1982. Thus, this company is about 40 years old.

Question: Who founded the JSW?

Answer: It has been founded by Sajjan Jindal, a well-known Indian entrepreneur. Currently, Sajjan Jindal is the Chairman of JSW Group.

Question: How many workers the JSW Group has?

Answer: The JSW Group currently employs 40,000 people directly thus emerging as one of the largest single employers in the country. The workforce has different geographical, socio-cultural, and linguistic backgrounds. The company always empowers the local people thus helping them grow as the company grows.

Question: What is the core value of JSW Group?

Answer: The JSW is known for following the dictum growth in the economy in a sustained manner and involving people in it in a direct manner. The principle philosophy guiding the company is national growth through national participation with enhanced productivity being the prime target to allow uninterrupted economic growth of the country.

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