How to take out the fear of formulas and logical reasoning in students

How to take out the fear of formulas and logical reasoning in students

We already know that maths phobia is a very common malady affecting the student community in these times. We are aware that the dread of the subject aggravates during the time of examinations especially when it is added to board exam stress. This is because the students feel flustered trying to cram and memorize the various formulae and theorems at the last minute as well which becomes tough. They are afraid of terms such as Parallelogram and Odd Numbers. We know that all these factors contribute to creating fear for the subject.

However, we also see that it should be understood that a little creativity and regular practice can go a long way in alleviating maths phobia as well as in reducing the stress during board exams most often than not. We know that to understand maths phobia, we need to accept the fact that it’s not an easy subject to grasp as compared to other subjects as well. We have seen that maths phobia can be categorized as a feeling of anxiety that students feel when they attempt to solve problems as well. 

We, therefore, know that it is imperative to eliminate this phobia at the very beginning so that they can do something to stop it from developing into more serious problems. We know that this can be possible only when the reasons behind maths phobia are understood as well. We know that the reasons for maths phobia can be different for each child. We are also aware that on the part of teachers, they need to be very patient as well as their pace should be adjusted keeping in mind the aptitude and comprehension capabilities of different students too.

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We know that they can break down mathematical concepts into small understandable units so that the students can understand them easily as well. We see that the teachers should also make sure they are accessible as well as approachable to students when they face a challenge. We know that this kind of support from teachers goes a long way in eradicating a negative attitude towards maths, as it helps in making them proficient in the subject.

We know that the first step in getting rid of maths phobia is to acknowledge that the student has it. Once this realization sets in, then we know it is easier to take steps that will help a person alleviate any stress or panic caused by the subject. We know that practice makes everything perfect.

We know that the proverb is particularly true for maths. It is a subject we know that demands constant practice to gain expertise at the same time. We know that any sort of regular practice also helps in understanding the complexities of the subject at the same time. If we are busy incorporating maths into everyday activities that will make it a part of our life. We know that the fear of the subject will disappear once a person understands that maths is everywhere as well.

We know that any Math skill is very important in everyday life as well as it helps in dealing with tasks ranging from simple to complex. We know that Math is not about doing calculations and limiting kids to textbook problems. We are all aware that Maths is a way of life as well. We know that when we are forcing kids to follow set instructions will inhibit their ability to think as well as they will lose their natural curiosity. We know that even though it gets annoying when a young child continuously asks the questions, they must understand that this is the way they learn best and begin thinking.

We see that it is important for students to understand the reason behind what they are learning. If they have a strong foundation then it is the key to becoming good at maths. Hence, they must get back to basics. They must remember to acknowledge the subject is one of the major steps to conquer math phobia as well. They must remember to revise the concepts daily as well. We know that as a teacher, to be more effective, never punish their students if they make mistakes.

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