How to Enjoy That Basketball Event Your Partner Bought Tickets To (Even When You’re Not Into Sports)

How to Enjoy That Basketball Event Your Partner Bought Tickets To (Even When You’re Not Into Sports)

Basketball is an exhilarating sport for a lot of people. But for others, it’s just a ball bouncing on the court for 3 hours. Still, you love your partner and want to be a part of their life. So here’s how you can enjoy that basketball game even when you don’t have a single sports-loving bone in your body.

Buy Snacks

Game snacks are expensive, no doubt, and the lines are really long. But you didn’t come to watch the game anyway, and the snacks are a legendary part of the experience.

Getting a hotdog at a Yankees game is part of the experience. So make snacks a part of your experience, too! Find something that you like, so that you can experience one good thing if you come back again.

It’s okay to indulge a little for one game. And you’re probably going to get a great dinner at some diner after the game too. So the night will end up full of wins for your stomach, at least.

Bet with Your Partner

Being with your partner on their happy day is worth it. Feel the butterflies in your stomach and let yourself be happy being with someone you care about. Look at their happy face and experience their wonder.

Even if you don’t feel great about the game, you can still feel great about the date. So go ahead and treat yourself to some butterflies and feel-good vibes.

To score great tickets for your partner, you’ll need to get them as soon as they go on sale. If you missed the tickets, check out resellers or online ticketing websites like TicketWeb.

Focus on the Overall Scene

Basketball isn’t the only thing happening at games. They try to mix it up with cheer dance performances to keep the crowd excited.

It’s pretty safe to say something interesting will be happening in the crowd, too. Twenty thousand people are cheering and having fun. Surely the crowd is part of the action.

The game is only a few hours long. You’ll get a nice dinner and an after-party. Even if the game is a dud, the whole experience will be great.

Watch With Your Partner

We’ve already established that you don’t like basketball. But this is your partner we’re talking about. Can we assume that you do like your partner?

Life is very long, and we won’t always be interested in the same things as our partners. The differences actually make us stronger, so that’s a good thing. If you always have to do things together, you’ll be competing. Wouldn’t it be better to support each other instead?

Going to the basketball game is your chance to support. Eventually, you’ll get support in another way. But instead of thinking about that, focus on the relationship.

Enjoy spending time with someone you love. Young love is beautiful, and we can spend hours doing boring things like sitting in a tree together. So, remember the feelings and make googly eyes at your partner during the whole game. See them having fun and let it make you happy.

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