How ELD Technology leads to Road Safety

How ELD Technology leads to Road Safety

We all come from different backgrounds and characters. ELD Technology to manage a group of individuals working in your establishment may prove very difficult, especially in the transport section where you employ several drivers. Also, the crew may consist of people of diverse characters and backgrounds.

Managing a large fleet of transport vehicles without proper technology is a tall order. The reason being, the cars will be traveling to different directions once they leave the point of collection.

Ensuring the safety of your vehicles, drivers, other road users, including drivers, passengers, and not forgetting pedestrians, is paramount. It would require you to embrace new ELD technology. This is a special device that helps you monitor the fleet of your transport vehicles conveniently from a central point.

Use of ELD technology is at hand to ensure your vehicles are safe, and risks that may arise from careless driving are therefore minimized. Below here, we explore how ELD technology leads to road safety. Keep reading.

What is an Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

This is a hardware device that is fitted in a commercial truck’s engine where it’ll record the hours the vehicle has been driven. Burton Transport Inc website has all the information about the latest devices that use GPS and tracking for vehicles and industrial applications.

It helps you to know the time the driver has taken to deliver goods from one place to the point of destination.

It’ll also record any data on the vehicle’s engine, the movement, and the distance covered. Modern ELD devices can now be connected to smartphones or tablets to control the movement of your fleet just with a click of an icon.

How it works

Once it’s fitted on the vehicle’s engine, the ELD device monitors the vehicle’s engine to establish whether the vehicle is in motion, whether the engine is running or the vehicle is stationary. It also helps establish the distance covered, and the time the engine has been running.

By establishing the distance covered and the time is taken, you’ll know if the driver has been over speeding and endangering other road users.

A heavy commercial driver should drive for a maximum of 8 hours a day. Anything beyond that can lead to fatigue or sleepiness. It can make the driver sleep on the wheel endangering other road users and also compromising his safety and that of the vehicle.

Greedy drivers who’re paid depending on the kilometers covered one likely to overlook requirements. It may expose dangers to themselves and other road users.

You can stop such incidents from your control point if the vehicle has a functioning ELD device.

On the part of the driver, you’ll provide him or her with a password to log in. Here, they can select on-duty, off duty and on duty but not driving alerts to enlighten you his actual position on the road.

The driver can view from the device’s graphical display to establish the hours he’s been driving. They also have an option to sign off and the same message communicated to you as the owner.


ELD is precise in data recording. It records the date, time, location, vehicle, mileage, engine hours, driver’s identity, user authorization, and the motor carrier.

The vehicle’s location is automatically updated at the one-hour interval when it’s in motion. If the driver halts the vehicle and hasn’t communicated with the control room within five minutes, the status of not driving is reflected on the tablet or phone device at your end.

If you try to communicate with the driver and there’s no response, you can make a follow up if an accident occurs and this establishes why the truck is not in motion.

How the device leads to road safety  

Since you’ll have close monitoring of the truck’s speed through the ELD device, chances of over speeding, which is a major cause of accidents remain low.

It’s possible to maintain the driver’s hours of service (HOS) to prevent fatigue on the part of the driver, which may threaten his safety and of other road users.

Fatigue is also a major contributor to many accidents involving long-distance trucks. He’ll be spared the unprecedented situation of sleeping on the wheels and losing control of the vehicle.

Theft of goods on transit is low due to close monitoring of every movement through the ELD device.

An accident doesn’t only affect human life; it also leads to loss of business when the truck is out of the road due to an accident. It can affect you economically, not forgetting the lawsuits that might follow thereafter.

Such a device captures the driver’s identity, therefore chances of a rogue driver allowing unauthorized or unqualified drivers are in check. It will prevent accidents that result from such actions.

A stuck cannot come to a halt recklessly on the road as you can monitor from your end for any unusual activity.

If a mechanical problem has occurred, you’ll be in a position to order specific emergency precautions to be undertaken to prevent accidents or the vehicle being rammed into. These may include mounting lifesavers and calling towing services to remove the vehicle from the road.

ELD device provides very useful data when it comes to compensation claims. You’ll be able to prove a truck driver’s fatigue and if there was a violation of hours worked on the part of the driver and which were contributory to the accident.


ELD device is a moving office that will organize you just by a click on an icon. Mischief on the part of the crew is minimized, and as the owner of the truck, you’ll only pay your driver for hours worked. The device will manage you in the prevention of accidents, and adherence to road safety rules and regulations are observed to the latter.

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