Hockey betting

Hockey betting

Hockey is the most popular winter sport in the world. And this sports competition is also popular not only among fans, but also among bettors. In hockey, a large number of championships and competitions are held. Worldwide, the largest and most spectacular ice hockey championship is called NHL. Thus, the bettor has a wide range of events to bet on.

Hockey betting with 22Bet

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Hockey betting peculiarities

The peculiarity of betting on hockey is the exceptional dynamics and unpredictability of this sport. For the entire match, much more goals are scored than in football. The match consists of three periods of 20 minutes each. The team that scores the most goals to the opponent wins. There can be no draw in hockey, at least by the end of the match. The same result in regulation time leads to overtime, and if the score stays the same in extra time, a shootout will occur.

Thus, betting on hockey presupposes the victory of either one or the other team. Although in bookmakers there is an opportunity to bet on a draw in the regular time of the meeting. Naturally, in this case, the odds will be higher, because there are three possible outcomes. The end result of the match is the victory of one or the other team. You can bet on this result and not worry about a possible draw.

In hockey, you can place bets on totals and handicaps. The performance here is quite high, therefore, in the NHL, bookmakers usually offer a total of 4.5.

It is also possible to bet on the total number of goals for a separate period for both or for one team. In addition, in popular championships, bookmakers offer to bet on the indicators of the player’s individual statistics.

One of the features of betting in hockey is the ability to bet on the next goal. According to the rules of the game, in case of gross violations, a team member can be removed from the rink, so the team has to play in the minority. If the opponent manages to score at this time, then the player will return to the rink. It makes sense to bet that the team will score while the other team’s player is off the rink.

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