Top 5 Game-Winning Tips for Valorant

Top 5 Game-Winning Tips for Valorant

Valorant has already been very popular among players in its beta release. This game is all about aim and various other abilities.

When it comes to aim, the mechanism is quite similar to games like Rainbow Six Siege or Counter-Strike background. However, the trick here is that players will require some time to learn about the agents with various abilities and roles.

Here are five tips that will help you win a Valorant match. Let’s dive in-

1.  Learning Agent Pool

You will come across four different types of agent pools, which include Controller, Duelist, Initiator, and Sentinel. It is advisable for people not to play from one agent pool as it is considered to be a bad practice.

Whereas if you learn to play from more than one or two agent pools, there will be a huge improvement in your gameplay. In most situations, you will have the knowledge of what your enemy can do.

2.  Know the map and timing

As of now, this game comes with five playable maps, which include Bind, Split, Haven, Ascent, and the newest addition is Icebox. It does not matter if you’re on the defending or attacking side; you would never wish to quit your position and give it to the opponents. Thus, it is important to know when you should run and when you should walk.

Being a defender, you should keep your traps in such a way that an enemy will keep the footsteps in the trap and get caught. Try to slow the pace of the attacking team by having the smoke at the entry of a site and keep an eye from which side the enemy footsteps are approaching. Make sure to find out different places on the map to trap the enemies. Placing your traps in the same place every time is not advisable.

Moreover, keep a check on the timer constantly. At times, when your crew is on the defending side, the spike might get dropped. In such a situation, try not to get killed and play the time game.

3.  Know The Minimap

The minimap has a very crucial role to play in the game. If your squad member is trying to find an enemy, you can use the minimap to locate him. The minimap also highlights the friendly walls and smokes in the whole map. This feature reduces some of your efforts as you don’t have to keep on looking if the smoke is still present or not, you can simply go ahead and put your next smoke by just giving a look at the minimap.

If you look carefully at the minimap, you will notice a circle. This circle is crucial as this is the region where your opponents can listen to your footsteps. However, most players fail to notice this circle.

4.  Economy

The economic condition has to be paid attention to all throughout the game. Thus, consider thinking about your squad’s economy after finishing one round. If you happen to lose around, go ahead and talk to your team if your members are going to play rounds with cheaper guns and without armour or less armour or not. A full buy in the next round is possible if you save around after losing, which will also help to bring you back on track.

5.  Teamwork

Valorant is not a game where the focus is always on getting the maximum number of kills. Try to wait outside of the site with a unique position to break the enemy rotation while all other team members are going inside the site. Make communication with your squad and make the right calls. Consider having one squad member with you, so if you get killed, your team can take charge.


The game is a great choice for every FPS lover. Keeping track of these minute things will enhance your gameplay to a great extent. For more details, stay with us. If you have doubts, comment below.

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