What is the full form of KIT?

What is the full form of KIT?

Full form of KIT| Keep In Touch | Latest Update —2021

The initials KIT is the short form of please Keep in Touch. This term is usually used in written correspondences or letters (both personal and business) to continue to talk or discuss some issue to the person to whom the letter or written communication is addressed.

This is quite a popular form of formal request often used in the place of Stay in Touch. People use the abbreviation KIT while corresponding with someone.

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KIT is A Polite Way of Expressing Your Closeness to the Person

The acronym KIT shows one’s sincerity and genuine gesture of goodwill to someone. It implies the person who has written these three letters – K-I-T – in the letter or official communication wants to remain in good terms with regular interaction on business matters.

In business correspondence, the term KIT also implies that the person aims to keep the trade relationships ongoing. Here, the main emphasis is on conveying the meaning that the person writing KIT at the end of the letter wants to do business again or expecting fresh business orders.

Acronym KIT Signifies Gesture of Goodwill

The abbreviation KIT is growingly being used as a nice gesture of goodwill to the customer, business partner, proposed business partner, or existing or future customer in business. It shows the person wants to be closer to you on business fronts.

It has a nice and sober emotional touch also. As a result, it expresses the warmth of a person or company towards another person or company. It also implies your concern for the person or company. The KIT, in fact, tells someone not to forget the writer of these three letters. In other words, the sense of please doesn’t forget me or us is expressed in the shortened form of KIT.

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In a nutshell, KIT is a polite way of reminding one that he or she whom the letter or communication is addressed can feel free to contact the sender of the letter or communication at given time.

This also is a sober way of saying that the person wants to remain well connected with the person to whom the letters KIT is addressed. It is a very good form of Public Relations aiming at consolidating the personal or business bond or relationship.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Question: Is KIT a common abbreviation?

Answer: Yes, it is. In official correspondence, the acronym KIT is used very often all across the world. In India also, it is fast gaining popularity with more and more business establishments, offices, and organizations using this short form KIT.

Question: Is the initials KIT used in spoken language?

Answer: No, it is usually a part of correspondence added at the last sentence or addendum. It is also used for personal written messages. In spoken language, the term KIT is not used. However, while bidding goodbyes or parting after a meeting, one does say Please Keep In Touch or We Will Be In-touch. But the shortened form of KIT is not used though the meaning is same.

Question: Can I use it in business letters?

Answer: Yes, you can. In fact, it is very often used in business letters, sending a business proposal or while placing a written form of order. Thus is a popular form of ending a business proposal or letter with the abbreviation KIT.

Question: Can I use it in the personal letter?

Answer: Usually, the acronym KIT is not being used in personal letters. It is more of a business term than a personalized abbreviation. Therefore, it should better be avoided in anything personal. At least, it is not being practiced in personal letters. Let us stay in touch should better be written in personal communications and letters.

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