How to Choose the Best Elementor Plugins for Your WordPress Site?

How to Choose the Best Elementor Plugins for Your WordPress Site?

The WordPress platform provides a basic text editor to build your website. However, basic tools often prove inadequate when creating a responsive web design. Though the WordPress development team is working to extend its text editor’s creative abilities, you cannot hold back your website development until then. An easy solution to your problem is using Elementor plugins.

What Is an ElementorPlugIn?

An Elementor plugin is a replacement to a basic WordPress basic editor. The plugin provides a live text editor that allows you to design complex page layouts and design your WordPress site in live mode. One most significant advantage of this plugin is you don’t need to switch between the preview mode and the text editor to see how the changes look.

Now that you know what Elementor is all about let’s learn how to select the best Elementor plugins. Here is the list of features you need to look for.

Drag and Drop Editor 

A webpage is made of several elements. Without extensive knowledge of CSS, JavaScript, and other programming languages, it can be challenging for anyone to build a web page from scratch. The drag and drop editor is a useful feature that takes away all complexity and hard work from website development.

The Drag and Drop editor allows you to create webpages by adding blocks in a template. It also allows you to change the size, color, and other visual elements of the webpage. Every feature of the drag and drop editor is designed to create and modify webpages.

Live Editing 

Website development is a time-consuming task. Live editing can be a big time-savior for developers. It allows them to see the changes live and work faster to achieve the desired look. Every change they make in the webpage or its element is instant, leading to the best user experience.

Simplifies the Design Process

Website design is an intricate process. The plugin should take away the complexity and simplify the design process. It should allow the user to customize everything on the website directly and quickly. The plugin should enable fine-tuning every last detail of the webpage.

Streamline the Design Process 

Perfecting a graphic design can be difficult due to the different elements and the complexity of the layout. The plugin should help streamline the design process by focusing on essential elements on the header, footer, and content.

Interface with Maximum Layout control

The plugin should not have a steep learning curve. It should allow maximum layout control and offer interface features like Copy Style, Copy/Paste, Navigator, and more.

Speed and Usability 

The plugin should offer easy integration and setup. The user should be able to install the plugin on their WordPress site without professional guidance. The settings and features of the plugins should be easy to understand, which will allow the user to take maximum advantage of the plugin functionality.

The plugin should not hinder the performance of the website in any way. You need to specifically pay attention to this aspect because plugins are known to slow down websites that can affect the user experience.

Easily Allow You to Go to Different Places in the WordPress Installation

WordPress installation has several files that you need to access while building a website. The site builder plugin should allow you easy access to any setting page that you may need.

Revision History

Website development is a complex process where you need to try out things and see if they work. The plugin should save all development work and provide you an option to roll back changes when required. Features like revision history allow you to rollback to the previous version. The versions are saved as per the date or stages of website development work.

Automatic Saving 

Developers are so profoundly involved when designing websites that they often forget saving the work they have created. Hardware or software malfunctions in your computer can completely erase the work done. The automatic saving feature does away with the user’s need to save their work after regular intervals.

Allows Working in Draft Mode

If you are working on a live site, you need a mechanism/platform where you can create new designs without affecting the live website. Working in draft mode allows you to create and test new webpages before adding them to your live website.

Export and Import Websites

When changing web hosting, you are often required to import or export your site to the new service provider. The ability to export and import a website will save hundreds of working hours of development work. With this feature, you can export or import a complete site and make it live on a new hosting platform.

To sum up, these are some of the important things you should focus on when choosing the right Elementor plugins.

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