How to Convert YouTube Videos into MP3

How to Convert YouTube Videos into MP3

YouTube has evolved over the decade after its launch. Many of the artists share their work or creativity firstly on YouTube. Many artists earn wealth by sharing their content on YouTube. Some videos on YouTube contain ads while some of them do not have any advertisement in them. Despite the easy way to enjoy the content of our own choice, many of us want to enjoy the music of our favorite videos wherever it is not feasible to use YouTube for example while flying or going out camping. In such situations, the best and convenient way to enjoy the music is mp3 format. There are a lot of methods available that are very easy to use and simple.

Followings are the methods to convert a YouTube video into mp3 file format.

  • Via Browser
  • Via MP3 converter software (for PC only)
  • Via MP3 converter software (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu)

Via Browser

This is the easiest way to convert a YouTube video into mp3 file format. The process is quite simple and needs one or two clicks to complete the process. All you have to do is copy the URL of the video you want to download. Paste that link on the bar of YouTubeMP3.Us. Press the convert button and the video will start downloading swiftly. No third party software like GenYoutube Downloader is required. This website works on cell phones as well. So, you can also enjoy the advantage of this website on your mobile phones.

For android, no mp3 downloader is required. When the video is downloaded or converted the android will automatically display the content in the gallery or music library.

For iPhone users, you need to install an app before doing this conversion process. One of the build-up apps is by Hian Zin Jong and it costs around 2.9$ and which is worth it because of the facilities that are provided. After the installation, the process is similar to that of via browser or PC. Also know youtube.

This website is totally safe and secure. Your computer will not catch any virus while using this website.

One important thing is that YouTube does not ability to download videos like Y2mate Youtube Video Downloader that have a duration of more than twenty minutes. So, for videos longer than twenty minutes, other methods are available.

Via MP3 Converter Software (for PC only)

A lot of options are present to download YouTube videos. One of the best software is DVD video soft. This software can easily be downloaded. This is best to use for Windows XP or above.

The software is safe and provides a variety of languages other than your native language. Here is a step-by-step tutorial for better understanding:

  1. First of all, install the YouTube MP3 org on your computer and launch the program.
  2. Copy the links of the videos of your desire and paste them on the converter software.
  3. Choose the format for the content such as quality, format, name of the output, saving process, and many more.
  4. Hit the download button. The downloading process will be started. The speed of the downloading process depends on the internet connection.

The conversion process is friendly to use and efficient. You can enjoy the music of your own choice after following the simple steps.

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Via MP3 Converter Software (Mac, Windows, Ubuntu)

One of the main problems that are faced by the users is that most of the software is compatible with Windows only. But, to avoid this limitation, the software is available in the markets. MediaHuman has made a free app that is compatible with Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, and Macintosh as well.

The process is simple and similar to the above-mentioned processes. However, for the sake of proper guidance, the step-by-step procedure is as follows:

  1. Step number one is to copy the URL of the desired video.
  2. Then paste that URL of the video.
  3. Start downloading the video by clicking on the arrow of the download that is present on the info panel of the video.
  4. Wait for the downloading process to complete and after that, you are good to enjoy your content.


The process of converting a YouTube video to mp3 format is simple and just like a piece of cake. The process is easier than one can ever imagine. However, due to the demand for such conversion processes and software, there is a number of malware present in the market. So beware of such malfunctioning websites. This article has provided you with the best software and website for this conversion purpose.

On the list of preferences, method number one is the best method. Because there is no involvement of third-party in the conversion process and also that this website can easily work on mobile devices as well.

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