Everything you need to know About the Big Sporting Events

Everything you need to know About the Big Sporting Events

With the sporting industry having more fans than many of us could even imagine, it has led to more sporting events feeling at the calendar each and every year. From football to horseracing and tennis to boxing, there is something for everyone and here is everything you need to know about the big sporting events, the ones that are simply admissible.

Whether you’re A crazy sports fan or just love to get involved in the festivities of the big events this will help you to know which ones are right for you and just how popular they really are throughout the world.

Football – The FIFA World Cup

It’s only right to start with the world’s most popular sport as there is none other than football, no matter where you are in the world. With the football matches going on near enough every day across the globe there are none that compared to the World Cup in which32 nations qualify to play against each other in the biggest football tournament in the world.

The FIFA World Cup now generates I viewership of around three .5 billion people, that is almost half of the total population tuning in or spectating this amazing event. Many have criticise the event and said that it is not the greatest display a football talent but the football is not all the fans enjoy about the World Cup, it is the festivities and the tradition of the long-standing event that makes it’s so lovable as not only diehard football fans are watching but even those who would not be interested in a football match head out to the pubs around friends to cheer on their team.

Horse Racing – The Grand National

When it comes to horse racing, nowhere to wear in the world, racing fans will know of the Grand National as it is globally famous being broadcast in 140 countries each April that takes place. The event is popular with racing fans, betting enthusiasts and those looking for an excuse to dress up and have a great day out with friends and family; it is also common to see a few celebrities and even members of the royal family attending the event.

The event now has an average viewership of around 600 million People from around the globe and around 70,000 people rushing to Aintree to witness the action and fold first hand. When it comes to betting, which is a very popular aspect of the event, hundreds of millions of pounds are generated each year from the event alone as it is a great excuse to get in on the action.

American Football – The Super Bowl

Compared to the other events on this list the Super Bowl is fairly new but don’t be mistaken and think that its popularity is not beginning to creep up on match days historic events. The Super Bowl is the NFL championship which is held every February, fans from all over the world anxiously anticipating its arrival each year.

The superballs popularity is ever-growing and is broadcasted all over the world, with an average dealership of over 95 million but in recent years figures have not dropped below 100 million. The event is not only loved for its football but also for its festivities much like the World Cup, as well as the much loved half-time shows that have included some of the most famous musicians in the world.

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