Secret Formula For Successful Business – Every Business Owner Should Know

Secret Formula of Successful Business

If you have been struggling with generating leads for your business, or if you feel that you’re working with the wrong client. Here we will give you a secret formula that consists of four questions, which every business owner should answer. So I believe most of you want to generate more leads and wish to sell high-ticket are things and services. But in reality most of your time you spent with a client who cannot afford them. The reason is you haven’t identified who is your ideal client? And that’s why you continue selling your services and products to people you don’t want to work with.

Most of us start with a product idea never think an about who you want to have is our clients and customers. But they are people we are going to deal on a daily basis. So it’s important to know who is your ideal client or customer. What do they look like? What are they passionate about and what are their dreams and goals? You need to create your customers Avatar and write down all characteristics about that person. So we need to know how old they are, where they live, what hobbies they have, what they like and what their goals are.

Once you done this first exercise, the next question you need to answer is where can you find your ideal customer? Where do they hang out? Are they on Facebook or Instagram? What blocks do they read? What interest do they have?

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So once you know, who is your ideal client? You need to create the right bait to attract the attention. It can be free e-course or free e-book or if your digital marketing agency you can provide a free audit. It should be something free and available that will attract attention of your ideal client.

Once you hooked your ideal client with your bait, the next question you need to answer what result you want to give them. It’s not about your product or service is about what results can you get for them? Of course not our clients can afford High ticket products and services, but you need to understand where you want to take your ideal client. Imagine that people can pay you anything to achieve a desired result. So, what would you do to help guarantee their success? Why would you leave them? And what would they achieve?

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So these were four questions from the secret formula you need to answer before starting any business.

  1. Who are Your Ideal Clients?
  2. Where you can find them?
  3. What is the right bait to attract your ideal client?
  4. What result do you want to give them?

This exercise seems very simple, but it’s a key to a successful business.

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