Review of Samsung Galaxy S10: The Best Android Based Handset In 2019

Galaxy S10 Review

Samsung recently launched Android-based products with outstanding camera features. The product Galaxy S10 hit the market on February 20, 2019. It became popular within a few weeks for its outstanding features. This 5G based model is starting from $1149 and up to $1,699.

Product Descriptions

The AI technology-based software and its featured specifications create a global branding image to the customers. Moreover, its flawless design with crystal clear display easily attracts the people. However, we are going to discuss the products briefly with its descriptions.

Product Specifications:

Dimensions: 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm

Weight: 175 gm

Screen: 6.4-inch QHD and AMOLED.

Processor: Samsung Exynos 9820

Storage: 12GB internal memory and external Micro SD supported device.


Platform: UI based on Android 9 Pie.

Camera: Rear triple camera and front dual selfie-camera.

Connectivity: Dual SIM supported.

Technology: 5th Generation (LTE), wireless charging and GPS-enabled device.

Bluetooth: Bluetooth version 5 is used.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Review

Unique Features that Makes Galaxy S10 Unique

Some of the incredible features make the device more reliable and flexible to use. Moreover, the powerful upgraded performance level makes it the best in the Smartphone market.


The phone has a completely redesigned display that removes the distractions. Moreover, the precise laser technology with dynamic AMOLED protects your eyes from harmful rays. The infinity-O display creates the most innovative colorful experience.

Simply, touch with the ultrasonic fingerprint gives the opportunity to access the device quickly. Moreover, it gives extra security to users from illegal access.


The camera with 12 megapixels gives a stunning look to the images and gives the chance to capture a wider angle on a single shot. A smarter camera with a superficial lens helps to optimize the images automatically without any struggle.


The UI based product with intelligent WiFi technology helps to enhance the performance level of the device. The WiFi 6 securely connects the picture and shares them throughout the internet with its stream less switches. Similarly, the LTE technology used in this Galaxy S10 speeds up the device and increases the accuracy.

Besides this, the hassle-free hardware, and incredible software enhance the gaming performance without any lags. So, you can use it for enjoying the continuously gaming for a long time.


Bixby routine suggests frequently used applications based on time and locations. Moreover, intelligence and advanced hardware make the device flexible to use. Helpful AI technology thus makes life smoother and reliable.

Why you should go for Galaxy S10 – Unbox the Wonder

Some of the unique but incredible features make the Galaxy S10 one of the most demandable handsets of Samsung. Moreover, the outstanding features enhance its performance level and make it popular in the competitive digital zone.

Spectacular Display

The display is very clean and elegant that easily attracts the customers to choose the product. Moreover, the Infinity-O display with a razor-thin edge gives it an innovative look. Besides this, the bezel around the screen with laser cut small hole allows the camera to float at the top section. Furthermore, the colorful screen with high resolution looks crisp. The portrait orientation with new dynamic AMOLED technology creates an incredible display in S10.

Fingerprint Sensor

Fingerprint sensor at the bottom of the S10 is used to unlock the phone. It is one of the most convenient and quickest processes to unlock the screen. Similarly, you can set the facial recognition scheme instead of the biometric.

However, it is a slower process than the fingerprint process. Moreover, you can use the secure fingerprint scanner to lock the sensitive apps as well. Therefore, you can keep your authentic payment apps secure through the above procedure without any hassle.

Powerful Processor with the Best Software Experience

This Galaxy range uses the flagship chipset with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855 processor. Moreover, a massive storage capacity (12GB internal) with 8GB RAM inside makes it the most demandable product in 2019. You can further insert the micro SD card for more memory spaces. That way you will get the opportunity to download more apps and enjoy lots of features of them.

Besides a reliable storage capacity, built-in vapor chamber cooling system keeps the phone safe from overheating. Thus, you can use this device for a long time, even for gaming purpose continuously without compromising the time limit.

Excellent Camera Quality

A smarter camera is attached to this device that helps you to shoot stunning photos without compromising the quality. Moreover, you can optimize the scenery by customizing the camera setup. Standard 12-megapixel telephoto camera lens with an f/2.4 aperture has the capability to show the versatile performance. The ultra-wide lens helps to capture the photos at any time without blurring or blown out.

Besides this, a 123 field of vision improves the quality factors and able to generate cinematic photos. Similarly, the crystal clear graceful image with maximum accuracy makes it unique from other market available devices.

Advantages of Galaxy S10

  1. The best Smartphone display with crystal clear screen creates a good impact among the customers.
  2. The top-end specs with bezel screen provide the S10 an innovative and attractive look.
  3. The advanced AMOLED featured technology makes it faster to access and the best Samsung Galaxy handset in 2019.
  4. The S10 fun triple camera has the capability to shoot the colorful vibrant images with stunning background feature.
  5. The ultrasonic fingerprint sensor helps to protect the device from unauthorized access as well as the users can unlock the device through a single tap.
  6. The stereo speaker attached to the handset is very good.
  7. The in-built selfie camera delightfully captures the images by enabling the encircling feature.


  1. The software requires managing properly. In some of the cases, you need to involve the technicians to maintain it.
  2. Though the battery attached to this device is very powerful but it takes too time to charge.

Wrapping Up

In the above article Galaxy S10 Review, we have discussed the Galaxy S10 features briefly. Moreover, we have analyzed the advantages and major drawbacks on this product. Similarly, we identify the unique factors which make it demandable within a short period of time. So, we hope this review based content will be helpful to choose it before buying.

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