11 Important Tips for Guest Blogging

Tips for Guest Blogging

I’m going to be giving you a little bit of a guide to guest posting. If you are new to guest posting and never guest posted before or if you have done in the past and you’re just looking for some tips to maybe do it a little bit better. That’s what I’m going to be covering here.

1) Genuinely Connect + Support

My first tip is all about genuinely connecting with and supporting people that you would like to potentially guest post for. I really get that annoying but I just feel like, you could have done better when I get an email that says “hey liked your post. I’d also like to guest post on your blog”.  The best Adventures that you were going to have as a blogger is by making those genuine connections with people. Hey, I love your blog post because of XYZ it really resonated with me because I went through you know what ever in my life and your blog post really made a difference. Hey, if you’re interested we are in the same category and I would love to write a piece for you. That is a much more enticing letter to receive as a busy blogger.

2) Write A Pitch

Write a pitch of some kind and make it very professional. So it’s easy to just send somebody a quick tweet or something and say “Hey I love to guest post on your blog”. but the things that really stand out to me or when I receive letters or emails from people that are just very professional and come across, you know, very respectfully. Everything is spelled correctly and there are no grammar errors. I mean, there’s a little things that really matter to me because if you’re asking to post on my blog.

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3) Propose Your Post Idea

Write a proposal of your idea in your pitch. Now, I really love it. When I receive some semblance of an idea what it is you like to write for me now. I’m not saying you should send them your blog post. I don’t think that’s a good idea. But I do think that it’s important to say, “Hey, I would like to write about XYZ and here’s why I feel like I could write about that I’ve got this great experience that could really”, elaborate on the issue or the topic or whatever you just going to give them an idea of what it is you have in mind because if you intrigue them and they’re more likely to accept your request to post on their blog.

4) State the Benefits

State the benefits that they will receive by letting you guest post on their site. What’s happening here is their opening the door to their home if you will and letting you come on in and stay in a show them. Hey, I’m going to be a great house guests here is how your readers will benefit by, you know, giving me a little bit of the space that you have on your blog just for a short period of time.

5) Thank Blogger + Accept Answer with Grace

Always thank them for their time after you have emailed them and requested a guest post and then accept whatever answered that they give you with Grace. I’m a lot of times in the past. I have been in the middle of launches when I have received guests post request on and at the time I would have loved to have them guest post. The people that graciously understand that really leave a good impression to me. So that it when I know later on if I need someone to guest post, I’m more likely to reach back out to those people that were very gracious and kind and understanding.

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6) Guest Post in Similar Niches

Only guest Post in a similar niche as your blog so that you can Target similar audiences. I have guest posted in the past myself on a blog that wasn’t really too much related to my niche and the problem with that is it well people enjoyed my content and it was great. I was really molding my content, I guest post to fit that site and so they weren’t as likely to come over to my blog because they weren’t interested in my category. They were interested in the category of the blog that I was guest posting on. So reach out to bloggers that are in a similar Niche that way if the audience really loves you, they will come on over to your place because they’re already interested in that category to begin with.

7) Bring A Freebie

Be a good guest and bring a freebie. some sort of download or something that can really I’d just take your guest post to the next level. Now the secret behind this is that for them to receive the freebie. Go ahead and Link them back to your website. Make sure you get the approval of the person that your guest posting for that way, you know, they don’t feel weird about it. But what you can do is say hey, if you enjoyed this post be sure to check out this free checklist that I have that go along with it or whatever kind of freebie you have. And just click this link here. And what it does is it takes them back to your website with a little Forum use MailChimp convertkit? Whoever it is that you love they can subscribe to your list and that’s how they received the freebie. Everybody’s winning their it’s like the perfect recipe for guest posting.

8) Thank Your Host

Just thank your host. So they’re opening their blog home. They’re giving you a little space in there. Be sure to thank them for letting you guest post and then think their readers for their time as well

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9) Provide Bio + Call To Action

Provide some sort of short bio and a call to action. The call-to-action has with the subscriber incentive that you will be offering the freebie that you’re bringing to discuss post. And then the Bio is obviously important because sometimes I will read a blog post and then not realize it was a guest post on there might be like one little line in there that says by XYZ in the author is not the author of that website. That’s the only way I can tell it was a guest post at all. You don’t want to do that leave a short little bio so that you know, the readers of that website know that you’re new and that you aren’t originally from that blog because it could be really great coverage for you and they might go back to your website.

10) Promote on Social Media & Email List

Promote the guest post on your own social media channels. So obviously you’re driving website to somebody else’s site or somebody else’s blood but they’re doing you a favor by letting you guest post on their website. So be sure to promote it on all of your social media channels the same way that you would for any of your own blog posts

11) Respond to Every Comment

Respond to the comments underneath that guest post, you know, really show your host. Hey take the day off girl. I’ve got it. I’m going to get to all the comments that way if they have time to respond to the comments that can but if not, you got it covered. And this is really great for you as well because you’re interacting with a new audience and that could be really great coverage for your website.

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