The 7 Big Digital Marketing Trends For 2019

Digital Marketing Trends

This article reveals 7 top digital marketing trends for 2019. The goal of this article is to help you stay on the Leading Edge of digital marketing.

Facebook Ads will Get More Expensive

Facebook ads are going to continue to get more expensive. Now, there are several reasons why this is happening. First of in 2017 Facebook started running out of ad inventory inside of their News feed product, which means if you are an Advertiser buying space in the news Feed, they actually for certain demographics didn’t have enough content published from the users to mix in the advertisements with since it’s an auction platform this mean supply and demand takes over and the price goes up now.

This is not true for every segment but for the big time segments that a lot of people focus on it is mix that with the fact that the number of active subscriber growth has slowed significantly the number of people leaving Facebook because of the Privacy scandals and all that other stuff that’s going on is also not helping this situation and third you have the FTC the Federal Trade Commission in the United States who is looking at potentially putting a fine on Facebook for some of their data breaches. It’s been leaked that might be one of the largest fine and they’ve ever placed on a corporation not to mention what’s going on in Europe with a GDPR laws that Facebook is pretty much in breach of as well.

So there’s a chance at Facebook’s going to get hit with some big-time fine things and then they’re going to need to make up that money to make your investors happy. Where’s that money going to come from advertisers? So I’m still buying traffic, but I am definitely taking some of my ad budget away and I’ve been placing it into other areas recently to make sure that I’m ready for when Facebook is no longer available pay-per-click method based on the number.

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Increased Focus on Conversion Optimization

Increase focus on conversion rate optimization this dovetails into number one for sure people who live in all in on Facebook advertising and they’re watching their ads costs go up. That means are watching their cost per lead go up and their cost for new customer acquisition is going up as well. What can you as a digital marketer or business owners do to fight that well split testing right conversion rate optimization is a huge way for you to be able to get more leads and more sales with the same ad budget.

So I think more and more businesses are going to realize that we’re putting in a ton of money and we’re advertising and or we’re putting in a ton of our energy into content marketing. We should be taking time to split tests are optimize Pages or calls to actions are sales pages so we can make sure we’re maximizing the return on energy and or Ads spent. So I think that conversion rate optimization is going to grow to be something that’s even more talked about and common place for businesses right now.

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More Digital Marketers Publishing on YouTube

I believe there’s going to be more digital marketers publishing on YouTube. Now, there are some astounding statistics about YouTube If you haven’t Googled it and read through any of the statistics, I highly recommend you take a moment to. You know, Facebook has been touted as an amazing platform with 2 billion monthly active users. I found that YouTube is currently running at about 1.9 billion monthly active users, which is right on the heels of Facebook and used to YouTube does have a fairly large segment of individuals who use their platform who never actually login because YouTube videos can be embedded in blog posts and you can just use their search engine and you can watch videos without ever logging in.

So it is a behavior is actually the number 2 platform compared to Facebook. And again, it’s right on the heels some really powerful numbers from the different demographic groups, right let 18 to 24 and 18 to 34 year-old segment, which is the most valuable segment for advertisers has a huge propensity to watch videos on YouTube. in the 18 to 24 segments 96% of them have watched videos on YouTube and YouTube reaches more 18 to 34 year-old men than any cable network on television, which is crazy to think about but then you might wonder what will what about the 60s and 70 year old folks out there. Well 51% of 75 year olds and older have watched YouTube videos.

So everyone in the over 50% of every age group is watching YouTube videos you mix that with the fact that about 5 hours a day is the average on how much television most people in America watch going on with the whole cord-cutting thing of stopping to pay free cable TV and starting to shift the viewing online. That’s just going to continue YouTube is going to grow massively then as from the standpoint of digital marketers to create a blog and to get written content on a blog the barrier of Entry is extremely low you use a free site. You can go buy some rubbish content and publish it up there. You never have to put your face out there. You never have to put yourself out there. You just pretty much put out search engine spam and that’s what’s happening. There are billion blogs today in the world putting out content.

Whereas on YouTube many people in our world are extremely afraid of taking that kind of leap to go on record to go on camera and to be on camera. Looking into a camera lenses and recorded just get some people to freeze up. So there’s a higher barrier-to-entry which means that there’s more opportunity for those marketers who are willing to kind of publish on the platform and everyone starts out a little rough and bumpy on their world of YouTube. But we get better as we do it more often. So I think for those reasons more and more people are going to be shifting their energy over to YouTube and I think that YouTube has one of the more exciting advertising platforms coming out.

Podcast listenership continue to explode

Podcast listenership is going to continue to explode the year-over-year numbers for podcast listenership just continue to grow and grow the female demographic is the fastest growing demographic. Although there are more men who listen to podcasts right now and I’ve got a theory about why this is and it’s really important to always think about when you get to the data points why is that that’s where you can really get those aha moments to realize if your people are on that platform and if that channel makes sense for you to really go all in on.

I call this the parental challenge? So a lot of parents with kids whether they’re their toddlers are newborns or young preteens twins, whatever they are, you know parents with kids have very limited time to themselves the ability for a parent who’s got two or three kids to sit down and read a book for an hour or two read a few articles on their phone is extremely limited, but they have the ability and the time to put on your earbuds and listen while they’re cleaning while they’re at the gym while they’re driving the kids around to soccer practice. There’s a lot of potential for these individuals and these demographics to consume content in audio format where they can’t sit down and watch a video and they don’t have the freedom to sit down and read a book because of their lifestyle with the kids.

So a lot of these individuals are realizing that they can entertain themselves that they can grow personally through personal development and or learn kind of professional things within their industry because there’s podcast on every single topic just about every single industry out there. So if you have the parental demographic, right the late 30 to 35 to 55 year old demographic if they are some of your trying to reach podcasting maybe a great place to reach them and I think more and more people are going to consume more podcasts and I think more marketers are going to be publishing podcast.

Omnichannel marketing

Big Brands and big businesses are no longer all in on that one ad platform that for so long was Facebook advertising. Many of these businesses are spreading their money out across many different channels. And the theory is that even if you’re doing brand based advertising the fact that you’re showing up more often in more places in your getting exposure for your brand. Your brand story and your content on many different platforms really increase the trust that your audience has with you because we expect brands that are trustworthy to be everywhere. This is a part of why we’re now running pay-per-click ads on Pinterest. These are not call to action pins. These are just to get more reach on the Pinterest platform.

This article to make sure we’re just reaching larger demographic segments. And of course, we’re still doing our Facebook advertising even though we’ve decrease those numbers a little bit. Here’s the interesting kicker in this is what Neil Patel convince me of the got me over the hump to really kind of start investing in this omni-channel marketing was he has clear data that when he began running advertisements on YouTube on Google and on the other platforms his Facebook ads. Ad spend the cost per click the cost per conversion actually went down and has something to do with this branding. It’s extremely difficult to track that’s where my next challenges in 2019 is how to track the efficiency of this but when Neil Patel of saying clearly that he believes beyond a shadow of a doubt that his investment in advertising on additional platforms helped him get better numbers on his core platform.

Increased Focus on the Power of Brand

The increased focused on the power of brand. There are two sides of this I already talked a little bit about the first side of this which is the pay-per-click side. The willingness to pay to get your messages out to eat your best content out because it’s your best content and when people watch your best videos when they consume your best content not just your call-to-action content, then that like ability increases that trust ability increases and you’re able to grow your audience, right? So that’s the one side and we’ve already kind of talked about that. The other side is when you become the default person or the default brand that users search in the search engines. It actually helps your rankings for all of your keyword phrases.

Greater Demand For Digital Marketing Help

Finally here greater demand for digital marketing help. Now, what do I mean by digital marketing help? I think that clearly this is an alignment with local businesses local marketing agency running the Google my business kind of optimization as well as helping local businesses get on the map packs. I think it helps with getting them more reviews, review Systems. So people can get some better reviews for local businesses. But this goes Way Beyond local businesses to be perfectly honest. There’s more of a need now than ever for podcast editing Services write for professional video editing serve.

For individuals to go work with YouTube influencers and help them take their videos and cut up 60 second spot so they can run those on Instagram and Facebook, right? There’s a lot of additional services that all of the different brands in all of the different companies that use digital marketing in one way or another they all continue to need support whether they’re all in on a digital business. Like I am or even when they run a bricks-and-mortar business and they just need a local SEO agency or local WordPress consultant to help them dial in their science.

So they can rank better for their Court keywords has our world continues to go more digital with more e-commerce going on digital more research for e-commerce and more research for bricks-and-mortar purchases happening online. Those were being found on the search engine those who are running efficient funnels with Facebook advertising those who are optimizing their funnel the need for professional conversion rate optimization specialist will only continue to go up year-over-year. So when I’m getting at here is even if you’re not building an affiliate marketing brand based on a specific Niche that you love and you haven’t found that thing inside of your heart that makes you saying that you’re just want to share with the world. You might still be able to find a way to take all of this knowledge in your interest in the world of digital marketing and apply it to local businesses apply to digital

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