Top 10 Best Apps for Android Phones for April 2019 (Free)

Live Transcribe By Google - best apps for android

Hi Guys, Here we will show the top 10 best apps for Android phones you should download this month. We have selected these apps on the basis of the usage, functionality and how you need these apps are.

 1) Walldrobe

Walldrobe - best apps for android

Walldrobe is a cool wallpaper app, which offers lot of unique and good-looking wallpapers. It users interface is very simple. You have the top rated wall papers here and recently uploaded wallpapers.

And here are the different categories you have lot of options in each of these wallpaper you see here is directly from the The quality of the wallpaper is very good quality. And you can also change the download quality of wallpaper from the setting as well. This app is allows to see the exit data of any wallpaper for more information. The pro version of this app allows us to have Apple experience and also enable the auto wallpaper change option. And with this option, you can choose a category and also choose a time option for which you want to change the wallpaper.


2) App Tiles

AppTiles - best apps for android

App Tiles is a very simple app, but it does something which would make your life pretty easy. So what App Tiles? It allows you to put any app from your phone as a tile in the notification panel. There are few apps which support this like a subscriber counter use in the notification panel. But not all the apps allows to go on the tile. But with this app, you can put up to five of your favorite apps in the notification. Overall or simple it is very useful app so do check it out.


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3) Gaming Mode

Gaming Mode - best apps for android

I’m sure most of you guys play games on your phone and it’s very annoying to receive notifications on call while playing games. There are few phones nowadays which comes to the pre installed gaming mode suggest the Samsung game launcher in the Asus game Genie. But these features are not available in all the phones. But with this app you can have a gaming mode for your phone.

The App is simple to use and once you open it, you select the game and set a global settings such as the Wi-Fi status, brightness, media volume and if you want to reject calls automatically and most importantly notification blocking. There is also an option of clearing background apps to give you that extra boost while playing. Apart from the Global settings you can also set a different setting for each game. The provision of the app allows you to do even lot more.


4) Widget Screensaver

Widget Screensaver - best apps for android

All the Android phones are the screen saver option which we hardly used. And also it works only when you plug in a phone for charging. But this app allows you to put any widget for your phone as a screensaver. I don’t know why nobody ever thought of it earlier. But this app is wonderful. You can select any widget from your phone and set it up as a screensaver.


5) UnApp

best apps for android - best apps for android

The UnApp allows you to select multiple apps and uninstall from your phone. You can select multiple apps or all the apps in  your phone and uninstall using this app. The app is very simple to use and doesn’t require any root access. You can sort apps by size or name of the app. UnApp is for sure for someone who install lot of apps and instead of deleting them one by one you can select am from the list and uninstall with ease.


6) Spotify

Spotify - best apps for android

Spotify is the new app it is there in India. This app finally launched in India it’s the same great app which offers a lot in the music quality is also pretty good. The design is perfect in everything works flawlessly. You can use this app is a free account. But there will be ad in between the songs. You can also subscribe for premium service for an ad free experience. And you would also be able to download the songs.


 7) Live Transcribe

Live Transcribe By Google - best apps for android

Live translate is a new app by Google which is specially build for people who are suffering from hearing issues. This app automatically converts speech to text in the real time. The app supports over 70 languages and you can choose between your primary and secondary language. The speech to text works amazingly good and I was surprised how accurate it is. I applies this app in different scenarios. This app works without any issue so this will be definitely useful specially for people with hearing issues.


 8) Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifier By Google -best apps for android

Google introduces this app is for specially abled people who has having issues. Using this app you can amplify sound near you. So once you install the app you will not see any icon, you just go to the accessibility settings and then enable the sound amplifier option. Once enable you have a icon at the bottom of a screen. This Apps works with the wired headphones whenever you enable it you hear the boosted sound in real time. You can also change the boost settings according to your requirement. I have use this app for some time and I found it was pretty good you can also use this app in a very different way as well. For example while playing games or even travelling you can enable this feature to make yourself aware of your surroundings.


9)  Soon

Soon - best apps for android

Soon is like a social bucket app. which helps you to remember and discovered new things. You can keep that what you want to do next that such as which movie, TV shows and books you want to read soon. You can create your list and once you have done something from the list you can mark it has done and gives it away things. This app is also perfect for sharing your list with friends and they can also see your ratings for any particular movie or book. Overlay find is app pretty good so definitely check it out.


10) The History of Everything

The History of Everything - best apps for android

As the name suggests this app allow us to dig into history but in a very different ways. You can see history of everything in a vertical timeline which allows you to explore, navigate and compare even starting from the Big Bang Theory to the birth of internet. The visuals are pretty good and I really like the animations in this app. You can also see more details of any event or topic on it. over if you want to learn about History in a unique way then you try of this app.


These are the top 10 best Apps for Android Phones for this month.


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